Friday, 16 May 2014

The New Mesh Starter Avatars Are Here

I must admit, I was underwhelmed by the new mesh starter avatars released yesterday for Second Life. That is, until I got to the Zombie Girl. She may be scary - but at least she's supposed to be! Actually she's awesome, as is the male zombie.

The facial expressions of all of the mesh avatars are fixed, and there is no way to wear any clothes that require an alpha with the new mesh bodies. Some of the clothes are nice, but don't necessarily fit other mesh bodies, which should leave newbies scratching their heads.

Speaking of heads, I kept my Argrace hair on while I tried all the female avatars and a few of the males. They all came with mesh hair, but not as nice as they could be. Check your library to find all the new mesh avis and try them for yourself. You will love the zombies, I promise.

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