Monday, 11 February 2013


Is it just me, or have several skin designers in Second Life moved to the next level of artistry and beauty over the past year?  I'm amazed when I demo skins lately at how gorgeous they are!  I thought I was a hair and shoe whore, but I'm adding skin whore to my CV.  This lovely skin is Shelby, a new release from Adam N Eve - a store that has been around as long as I've been in Second Life.  I bought either my first or second skin there (and no, I don't have a picture - I wish I did).   Shelby comes with dark eyebrows but includes blonde and red tattoo layers.  The makeups are lovely and I was tempted, but I tend to favor the barest skins. It's Second Life! Who needs makeup with flawless skin like this?

I popped into Zaara just because I haven't been there in awhile.  I love her new mesh designs, like this dress you can barely see.  The little extra bow detail for the shoulder straps, complete with beads is brilliant.  Also, I didn't forget my heart for my personal Valentine's Day challenge!  Maxi Gossamer's new release for Collabor88 did the trick.


Adam N Eve Skins - Shelby T2 Bare (new release)
Adam N Eve Eyebrow Tattoo Red T2
Adam N Eve Bare Inner Eyelid
Wasabi Pills Joy2 Mesh Hair - Gingerbread
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Moon Vine Lover's Heart - Silver (at Collabor88)
Zaara : Ritika Maxi dress *ivory*
BeetleBones Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty brown)
Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eye (September Shadow, w3)

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