Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Decorating with Dolly

I'm having such fun redoing my parcel.  I just built a new house for my alt Callie (she's so spoiled she has to have a bigger house than Dolly), and am having a wonderful time decorating.  You may recognize the Post grouping from the Chic2 venue.  The handy color change curtains are from Lisp.  The little peek of the kitchen table and chairs grouping in the upper right corner is also from Post. The hanging lamp is part of the Lisp kitchen grouping also available at Chic2.

The second picture is the foyer, perfect for a small grouping that includes the Fifty Linden Friday lamp from Meshworx, rug from Lisp, side table from Post, plant from Rustica and artwork from Organica. The lounge is the star and it's from Designer Prims.

Ayla and I went to Photo Hunt.  The challenge was handing us some poses and an emoter. I took two pictures, one of which was in this house.  You would not believe what the neighbors were doing! Hehehe.

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