Friday, 16 March 2012

His pet - Rack Poses

After leaving me tied up in the cell all night and all day, Mr Q finally came to release me.  I actually think he felt a bit sorry for me, though I would have much preferred my food and water to come in something other than dog bowls.  Nevertheless, I licked them dry with my parched tongue. "So can we go home now?" I asked, wiping my chin against my shoulder to clean the slobbers. "I have shopping to get in and the nanny will be needing a break from our devil children..."  The truth was, I was desperate to shower and jump into our cozy bed for a proper sleep.  There was no reply other than him gently sweeping his fingers through my hair and giving my cheek a tender caress.  I looked up, my eyes locked with his and I recognised that familiar twinkle.  "I guess not then..." I whispered lowly, while my gaze dropped to his groin magnetically.

Skin: Belleza
Glasses and Boots: Gos
Hair: Truth 
Tattoos: AITUI 

Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Hair: Elikatira - Listen - Dark Browns
Rigged Mesh Feet: Slink
 Shape my own
Location - Our secret dungeon

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