Review Policy

Second Life content creators, established and new, may feel free to send inquiries of interest or review copies of your creations inworld to Dolly Baroque or Ayla Barzane*.  We will blog your items as time and space allows.  There are no negative reviews on our blog, though we may at times point out small issues.  Big issues just won't get blogged.  We blog things we like!

Bear in mind that sending a review copy does not obligate either of us to blog your creation.  It doesn't necessarily mean we dislike an item.  If the item does not suit our personal styles, it will not be blogged.  Sometimes we have time constraints and just can't get to everything, even if we love it. 

That said, we have enormous admiration and respect for the content creators of Second Life.  If you send either of us an item made by you, we will be flattered and appreciative.  Check out our blog posts.  If you think your item fits our styles let us know about your work!

Things we like to blog:

Mesh clothing
Home and Garden Items (occasionally)
Poses and Pose Props

* Ayla is on hiatus and is not currently blogging. Please bear this in mind if you send her review copies.

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