Thursday, 31 May 2012

More Mesh Around Hunt Goodies!

*[Echo] Intonation Mesh Pants - Light Grey
*[Echo] Mezzo Mesh Crop Top - Special
*[Echo] Clutch Purse - Floral Pink - Pose included
*[Sleeping Koala] - Metal Floral Stack Jewellery Set 
*Hair: -dDx - Clint - Brunette
Skin: League - Jen Suntan/PinkChampagne
Yummy Featherweight Earrings -Twin - White 
Meil Hipster Peepers - Candy Gloss
Nardcotix - Edith - Ebony
Shape my own

*Review Item

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mesh Around - 22769

As promised here is another post for the Mesh Around Hunt, this time showcasing this vibrant and classy mesh dress from the guys at 22769 Casual Couture.  I accessorised with pearl jewelry from League and slipped into my Edith sandals from Nardcotix. I'm sure you will agree this dress isn't to be missed.  I hope Paco and Manu don't make it too hard for you for find!

*22769 Casual Couture - Sophia Dress
Skin: League Jen/Suntan
Hair: Exile - Late Night for the Dressing Room

*Review item

Just Meshing Around

The Mesh Around Hunt orgainised by The Ego Co is coming to town on the 1st of June and runs until the 15th.  It's a grid wide hunt stacked with yummy mesh goodness from a fantastic selection of the best designers in Second Life.  This is my debut post for The Ego Co, there will be more to come over the next few days so watch this space!

*Happy Undead - Tube Dress 
*[Aura] Spirited - Bogo Beaded (long) rigged necklace
Skin: League - Jen/Suntan
Hair: ::Exile:: Secret Summer: Dark Browns
Slink Mesh Feet
Pose: aDORKable - Daydeamer
*Review Items

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Louise Gets a Makeover

Ayla and I have this kooky long time friend, Louise Glimmer, who shows up at odd times to say hello.  She's been missing for awhile, but showed up yesterday, her usual kooky self, accusing us of being naked and bald because she couldn't see mesh.  After we got her sorted enough so that the shoe dangling over her head went back on her foot, Ayla gave her a sisterly look over and said, "You need a makeover."  So I took a "before" picture of her wearing the Christmas group gifts she showed up in, and we went shopping.  After new skin, shape, eyes and hair, we still consider her a work in progress, but we thought you might like to see her updated look so far.  Pretty, isn't she?

Credits for Before:

Old Curio skin

Lelutka group gift hair with tiara (so Loulou)

Jane group gift sweater 

Goodness knows what else she was wearing

Credits for After:

Glam Affair - Leah skin

CS Shapes - new shape

Wasabi Pills - Sybille hair

Mayfly - eyes

Still don't know where the shirt is from

Monday, 28 May 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Cobalt by Ayla

I finally managed to get my Cobalt post done after much dithering yesterday.  Ended up I shot it against a white background because I just couldn't find a decent location to suit me.  We are all allowed to be lazy sometimes, right?

Ison Bandaged Bodysuit in Cobalt
One Bad Pixel Skinny Leathers in Navy
Wasabi Pills Anais Mesh hair/Wild Honey
League Skin/Jen Suntan Natural
Mayfly Mesh Eyes
Bellballs essentials- Diamond Firework Earrings (Silver Finish)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Cobalt

For this week I opted for that little bit of cobalt blue to make the whole outfit pop.


Celoe - corset

Celoe - hat
Celoe Pumps

Mon tissu Skinny Scarf 

Miamai Mahvi Pants Black 

L.Fauna Lipstick 

vive nine Dream Catcher in Ginger w/Deep Roots

Beetlebones Anywhere Henge Cuffs

Mandala Nails

Friday, 25 May 2012

Fun Stuff

While I was poking around Home & Garden Expo I ran into Max Graf who gave me a preview of the female version of his new mesh studded belt for his store, Bitch.  I just love how bad ass it makes me look!  It's non-rigged, therefore you can edit it to fit.  I had no trouble with a little basic editing. And it goes so nicely with my Maitreya jeans!

The Dressing Room Blue is all new today, and my favorite in this round by far is the sexy midriff baring, under-boob showing top from Baiastice.  Rawrrrr!

Maitreya Zipper Skinny Jeans #7
Yummy Hodgepodge Beaded Bracelet 
Exile Hair - Colette Sear

Baiastice Heather Mesh Shirt - dark ombre (at The Dressing Room Blue)

Bitch - studded mesh belt Leather/Rusty (soon to be released)

Concrete Flowers - Talv Ring

EarthStones Tumbled Stones Necklace - Southwest (at Collabor88)

Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye - Deep Honey Hazel

Pididdle - Gawdy Ring - Ruby
League Skin - Jen Pale Natural

Vase with built-in poses from UrbanizeD

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunny Side Up

I'm so organised this morning I've been out already and brought breakfast in.  Don't listen to Mr Q when he says my cooking will have you doubled over in pain, it's so not true.  Besides, who's ever heard of anyone burning boiled eggs?  Oh wait I have, how was it you managed to do that again, husband dearest?  Come on over, breakfast is on me!

coldLogic Top - lockhart pink
JANE - Sweet n Low Jeans - classic
*Wasabi Pills Lola summer Mesh Hair - Chocolate
aDORKable Poses: Market Day
UBU PornStar Lo-tops (Available on the Marketplace)
Skin: League - Jen/Suntan - Natural
Eyes: Mayfly Mesh - Midnight Hazel

Deco Jewelry

I have been a bad blogger recently between working on my Home & Garden Expo items, a real life trip and a (sniffle) brand new cold.  I'll try to get back into the swing of things as real life calms down a little. 

I did take a picture last night.  I really love this necklace and earrings from Deco.  The jewelry there never fails to please me.  I'm also wearing the new Exile hair available at The Attic (everything is only $95L at the Attic), a coldLogic top and my new Jen skin from League.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Home and Garden Expo - D&M Dream Homes

The Home and Garden Expo is well under way with oodles of fabulous designs on exhibit spanning 14 sims.  Again, I am showcasing my dear friend and co-bloggers contribution to this years fantastic event.  Dolly is a skilled creator and her builds are put together with much deliberation and a good eye for textures.

Dolly's Domicile

The first home, Dolly's Domicile is a darling little house and it's the second of the unique designs she has donated 100% to relay for life.  It's a modest little home, comprising of a living room and one bedroom with a little patio area.  Perfect for single living, or a little love nest for you and your significant other.

The Craftsman

The second home is a design inspired by Dolly's own home in real life.  If I wasn't so attached to my little cottage I would definitely live here.  It has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, a generous sized living/dining room and a kitchen space.  Please make a point to visit these builds and see them in world.  The pictures, beautiful as they are, don't do the builds justice!  Here is the taxi D&M Dream Homes at the Home and Garden Expo.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Lemon Chiffon by Ayla

I'm a bit later than I usually am with this weeks colour challenge, but better late than never.  I chose this top from coldLogic and threw on my Maitreya mesh jeans.  The hair is the newest release from Wasabi Pills, I enjoy going short sometimes.  The backdrop is one of Dolly's houses which I will be blogging later today, so watch this space!  See ya next week for another colour instalment.

Other thingummies
Skin: League - Jen/Natural Suntan
Eyes: Mayfly - Midnight Hazel Mesh
Shape my own

Monday, 21 May 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Lemon Chiffon by Dolly

You know what sucks? When the new color challenge color is announced and you've already blogged something that would have been perfect!  So, instead of wearing the same thing again or buying something else, I dipped into my inventory and pulled out this sweet Artilleri top.


Artilleri - Micha top

Truth Hair - Rhonda

Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Deep Honey Hazel)

League Skin - Jen Pale Natural

Del May Pose


Friday, 18 May 2012

Home & Garden Expo - D&M's Ayla's Abode

This years Home & Garden Expo benefiting Relay For Life of Second Life starts tomorrow and will run from through to the 28th of May. This year’s extravaganza will span 14 sims, with more than 100 exhibits.

My dear friend and co-blogger Dolly Baroque is taking part again this year and I have the pleasure of blogging for her!  She will have 3 homes on display, 2 of which will be donations to Relay for Life.  

The first I bring to you is actually my own home in Second Life.  Dolly made this little Tudor cottage especially for me last September when Mr Q and I needed more room for our growing family.  If you know me at all, you will know that I am famous for changing homes as much as I change my knickers but since we moved into this darling little cottage I have had no inclination to change it.  That is a miracle!  I love it, it's just the right size, cozy and snug and perfect for our little family.  It's 69 prims with a 30x18 footprint, excellent for a small plot, or if you have a low prim allowance, and with it being small but an adequate size, it doesn't take thousands of prims to furnish either.

Ayla's Tudor Abode


Bay Window


Spare room which I use for the babies
(This isn't actually my home, it's one I decorated for Dolly to blog.  Mine has an extra room at the back of the house for the twins, so you can expand if you feel inclined and have the building skill)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Gallery Gift Shop

The Gallery Gift Shop is a collaboration of designers who release new items on the 15th of each month.  These items typically include clothing, accessories, art and decor, most of which are transferable so it's a great place to visit if you are looking for a gift for someone.  Below are a few of the new items available from May until mid June. I hope you enjoy and make The Gallery Gift Shop your next stop.  Also, next month they are celebrating their 1st year anniversary so watch this space for details.  

~22769 Casual Couture - Draped Dress/Beach~
Hair: Magika - Escape
Skin: League - Jen Suntan/PinkChampagne

~World's End Garden - Priscilla Noire~
Hair: Locked - Elikatira
Skin: League Jen Suntan/SmokyRose
Shoes: Nardcotix - Edith/Ebony

~MiuMin - Otome Kimono~ 
Hair: D!va - Vivienne
Skin: League Jen Suntan/SmokyRose

Monday, 14 May 2012

Don't forget your backpack!

I was missing Fifty Linden Friday the other day, and decided to go to a couple of the participating stores to see what they've been doing lately.

I hadn't been to Deco in awhile, and I was bowled over by this backpack and these cargo pants and shoes.  These are so co-ed (does anyone even say that?)!  I may not be high fashion in this picture, but in terms of realism and detail this is some of the best work on the grid.  The pants and shoes come together, the backpack is sold separately.  My only gripe is that Deco doesn't provide demos, or at least not that I saw.  However, the pants do come in several sizes and the medium size fits me just fine.

I use this little house in the background in lots of posts.  It's my own build.  Just so you know, it will be one of three houses I'll be offering for Relay for Life at the Home and Garden Expo.  I'll keep you informed.


League Short Tank Top -Black

League skin - Jen

Mandala Leather Feather Earrings Polly white

Exile hair Callisto Sear

Deco - Mesh Daisy Walker shoes (cherry)

Deco - Mesh Her Cargo Pants (cherry)

Deco - Mesh Sling Pack (gravel)

Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Teal Hazel)
Maxi Gossamer ring - Ketama

Sunday, 13 May 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Deep Pink by Dolly

I'm not sure I nailed the color. I think I've veered into magenta.  But I do like the polka dotted peplum top by Molichino.  It can be worn with or without the ruffle.  I wore another color in an earlier blog post without the frill.  The hair is Clawtooth's first mesh hair, available at Collabor88.  I didn't switch it for days, I love it so much.  And that is practically unheard of for me.  The shorts are from also from Molichino, and the handbag is the mesh Maitreya satchel.  Skin is Glam Affair's Leah.

Have a happy Mothers' Day!  If you're not a mother, hug yours for me!

52 Weeks of Colour - Deep Pink by Ayla

Pink is my favourite colour!  Here I am grooving on down at the disco wearing a pink Tres Blah corset dress (as a top) and my brand new One Bad Pixel skinny leathers (I won a fat pack for guessing the guess the designers contest) in white.  The shoes are R2 Nohea, I think I picked them up at Collabor88 at some point and my hair is a new release from Shag, available at Culture Shock, and lastly my glasses are from Boom.  See ya next week!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Give Me a Head with HAIR!

There have been some truly awesome hair releases lately.  Here is are two I adore from Wasabi Pill.  And the top from coldLogic with the peace sign? I wish I'd fatpacked it!  I love a good hair post, and this one made me think about the song below. (tee hee)

Credits (Top): 

Wasabi Pill hair (donation item at Culture Shock)

G Field girly shorts (donation item at Culture Shock)

coldLogic top 

Deco necklace

Celoe bracelet (at FaMESHed)

Glam Affair Leah skin

(Second Pic)

Wasabi Pill Hair

coldLogic capris

Tres Blah necklace

Friday, 11 May 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - A:S:S Flickr Contest

This is my entry for the A:S:S Your Song Flickr contest - My song is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

A:S:S - Spa collection - Face mask with cucumber
A:S:S - i carry your heart - moonstone 
A:S:S - Gravity necklace
-Tres Blah- C88 Daydream Babydoll (Cream)
Hair: Tiny Bird (closed) - Sodom South Georgia - Dark Browns
!bang - Hairbrush Microphone
Dressing Table: Cheeky Pea - Getting Ready for the Party
Slink Mesh Feet
Skin: Curio Yum/Acorn
Shape my own

And if you want to join in with the competition here are the details.
Have fun!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I fell asleep in the slow movement

This is something that really happened to me at a chamber music recital when I was very tired.  I was sitting in the front row, too.  In my defense, it was the second movement of a Schoenberg quartet.


Captivity Co. chair and pose (donation item at Culture Shock)

Purple Moon pants suit (donation item at Culture Shock)*

G Field shoes

booN hair

SLink mesh closed eyelids

League Jen skin

* review copy

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Collabor88 time again!

It's Collabor88 time again, my favourite time of the month!  So enthusiastic I was this morning, that when I arrived half an hour early to the event I got my arse kicked out again!  Ever the patient soul that I am, I went back at 8am and filled my boots!  Bargains and goodies galore this month, thank heavens I have been saving my pennies!

~Collabor88 Styling~
The Sea Hole: Day Dreaming Skirt, Blouse and Boots
Clawtooth: Glamazon Mesh Hair - Girl Next Door
Barnesworth Anubis Prefabs: Songo Courtyard Garden

Other thingumies
Pose: Flowey
Skin: Curio Yum/Acorn
Shape my own

Monday, 7 May 2012

Culture Shock - Fashion for the Lady at Molichino

I discovered Molichino's mesh designs several months ago at another event (don't ask, I can't remember!).  This store is continuing its tradition of mix and match elegance in this new classic, yet fresh design. The peplum skirt in this color is a donation item at Culture Shock for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

Available at Culture Shock:

MOLiCHiNO Preppy Skirt (donation item)

MOLiCHiNO Issy Blouse

Akeruka skin -Blanca Medium (donation item)*

Not from Culture Shock:

MANDALA tukemono earrings


Beetlebones Mesh Lashes

booN IUN307 hair chestnut

Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Teal Hazel

* review copy

Sunday, 6 May 2012

52 Weeks of Colour - Pueblo by Ayla

I don't know about my fellow colour challenge bloggers, but I found this weeks colour a toughie.  In the end I decided the shade was something in between poop and rust, so I opted for rust.  I nipped along to One Bad Pixel and decided the Cherry Cheong in Rust was as close as I could get it.  I know I blogged it in Platinum a few weeks ago, but we want all the colours, right?

Cherry Cheong Rust: One Bad Pixel
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Kumi Mesh Hair/Cinnamon
Shoes: Nardcotix - Edith/Ebony
Skin: Curio Yum/Acorn
Shape my own

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Pueblo by Dolly

I thought this would be a cinch this week because I wear lots of brown... I kind of failed to remember many of the names of shades of browns, though, and not one thing in my inventory was called Pueblo.  So I did what I do when I can't be fussed to search my inventory - I went shopping!  I hadn't seen the latest coldLogic releases anyway.  Lo and behold!  OK, maybe the top and capris aren't exactly the dark, rich shade in Luna Jubilee's color swatch, but it's in the family, right? Turned out the closest thing to Pueblo was my Exile hair in the shade Sear from Culture Shock, and that SO counts.  Yes, it does.


coldLogic capri - brooks.sepia

coldLogic top - flynn.sedona

EarthStones Neisha Necklace

HouseofFox - TheRoman2.0 shoulder bag

Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Teal Hazel)

Celoe - didri bangles (available at faMESHed)
Glam Affair - Leah Natural

Pose - Del May (available at Culture Shock)

Exile - Groove Theory Sear (available at Culture Shock)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

City Nights

My inspiration for this picture was the brolly from What Next.  It comes with 10 different poses and it's colour change to suit your outfit.  Off I went to coldLogic to buy a rain jacket (parke.white), seen on a previous visit and I slipped into my Curvaceous boots from [Gos] to complete the outfit.  The picture was taken on the Mayfair sim, the perfect backdrop for the image I wanted to create.

Other thingumies
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Annette Mesh Hair 
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own

Culture Shock Is OPEN!

So strip down to the bare essentials (scripts especially) and head on over!  I love this necklace by Finesmith Jewelry.  It's available only at Culture Shock, as are these so sexy heels from PiCHi.

Once you get to Culture Shock you can easily navigate around using the handy map on CHIC Management's website.

Culture Shock is a CHIC Management event sponsored by MODAVIA Productions benefiting Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders).  Lots of my favorite Second Life merchants (more than 180) are participating.  Each designer offers at least one (and, in lots of cases, more) exclusive and new design with 50% or 100% of the proceeds going to this worthy charity.

 Culture Shock Items:

PiCHi Love Heels*

Finesmith Jewelry*

Non Culture Shock Items:

Boon Hair

Glam Affair Leah Skin

Diesel Works pose chair

* Culture Shock review item

Friday, 4 May 2012

What Next at Culture Shock

I name this pic dorm room chic. The posters*, records and record player*, and floor cushions* chock full of animations from laptop surfing to air guitar playing, are all from What Next for Culture Shock and they're all in mesh.  The yellow cushion and the record player are donation items, and the posters are freebies!  Gorgeous work! 

Also gorgeous, if I do say so myself, are the pants* and pose* from Miamai, hair from Exile and sweet cropped top from Apple May, all also available at Culture Shock. 

Culture Shock, a CHIC Management event with 180 participating merchants, starts today and continues to May 26th. It benefits Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

Navigating Culture Shock is easy when you use this handy guide from the CHIC Management website.

Additional Credits not from Culture Shock:

22769 ~ guitarbag zebra*

KOSH- AUNA necklace

Pixel Mode Fae Wedge - Black

League  skin - Jen Pale Natural

* review copy

22769 at Culture Shock

Dolly is Double Exposure's official blogger for Culture Shock which opens it's doors today, and a wonderful job she's doing so far of reviewing some of the fabulous items on sale there.  I'm sneaking in with a few items from 22769 because I always blog for the guys and Dolly is run off her feet with everything else!

Here I am wearing the African Spring top along with high waist shorts and the fantastic Badu all designed especially for the event.  I added a necklace and earrings from Miel to finish off the outfit.

Also at the 22769 booth you can find these adorable mesh tube dresses in an array of beautiful, vibrant colours.  My favourite has to be the red in the middle but they are all fantastic in style and texture.

Above I am wearing the 60's styled tube dress from which sales are donated 100% to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières.  The hair is Exile's She Loves You which sets off the style era just right.

Skins from Curio - Yum/Acorn & Madris Gras 
Hair from Exile, Wasabi Pills and
Poses: and oOo Studio

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Culture Shock - It's What the Doctor Ordered

I couldn't be more proud to be chosen as an official blogger for a charitable event.  Culture Shock, a CHIC Management event with 180 participating merchants, is running from tomorrow, May 4th to May 26th.  Culture Shock benefits Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières for the second year in a row.  A brief perusal of their web site gives you a sense of the critical humanitarian aid this organization provides, even in mortally dangerous conditions for the volunteers.  Send a prayer their way with your donation.

I'm not on many blogging lists - I usually buy what I blog, and that's fine with me.  Ayla and I blog whatever suits our fancy.  Many of the merchants associated with Culture Shock have provided review copies so that we bloggers get their name out there and generate some buzz for this event.  All good marketing, and I'm glad to do my part.  I'll put an asterisk in the credits for review copies, and I'll be making a Linden dollar donation to the cause as well.

I don't think I have to tell you how awesome the dress, scarf and skin are, not to mention the pose.  Here's the credits:

Culture Shock Items:

Celoe - June dress Lake (donation item)

Mon Tissu Skinny Scarf (donation item)

Akeruka skin - Blanca Medium (donation item)*

oOo Pose*

Non Culture Shock Items:

Beetlebones Mesh Lashes - dainty brown
booN hair - chestnut

Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye Teal Hazel

* Review copy

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jinx'd Inc Summer Dress

Mesh Summer Dress: Jinx'd Inc
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Shiki Mesh Hair - Flaming Cherry
Miel - Sha Earrings
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

League Skin

I love a little change every so often.  I demoed the new League skin, Jen, and couldn't resist it.  So now I have three skins to love.  Glam Affair Leah, Mynerva Milena, and now League Jen.  These pics are mostly unedited, using two different windlight settings.

Both hairs are by Truth, eyes by Mayfly, lashes by Beetlebones, top necklace by Deco, bottom necklace and earrings by League. The dress that is barely seen is from One Bad Pixel.