Wednesday, 29 February 2012

U for Ursula - A-Z Donna Flora

Isn't this Donna Flora dress and sun hat just adorable? It's for the Donna Flora A to Z project.  For the pose I used Petals in the Wind from Adorkable and to finish the dress off I donned my G Field Knot Wedge Sandals.  As usual my skin is from Curio and my hair is Over from Elikatira.

Cajsa Lilliehook thought up this project because Squinternet Larnia the Donna Flora creator is recovering from cancer treatment - has not been able to create - has some big expenses (home health aide) and also needs some love. She's not done anything since mid-December and could really use a sales and an emotional boost. 

She's SOOOO Busted

Batman follows his suspicions about the culprit of Dolly's burglary to Ayla's home.  
He looks in her bedroom window, not because he's a perv but because he's pursuing justice.

Dolly wanders over the hill dressed neck to toe in her new outfit from Ladies Who Lunch that she picked up at the Mix+Mesh event.  She peeks in Ayla's window to see what has captured Batman's interest.  

Her evident shock as she sees her friend don the costume of the arch villainness, Catwoman, makes her practically topple over.  Thank goodness the caped crusader was there to catch her....(to be continued eventually)

 Dolly's poses are from Del May, and her dark knight's first two poses are from Diesel Works. Where would we be without poses?

This lighthearted and silly blog is a continuation of this, this, and this.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I think they are on to me!

I had just come home from another shopping splurge with the loot I had misappropriated.  Little did I know that had been followed, I was oblivious to the fact that Batman and his damsel in distress were outside my cottage.  I tried on my clothes, these capri jeans from Aura and a cute little halter from G Field and I had been to the salon too, my hair was done by Exile, a new style just released.  However, there was no time to lounge about in my new glad rags, there was more work to be done.  On goes my catsuit (blogged previously) and off I go over the hills, my target, April's cottage.  Am i going to be caught in the act this time?

Capri Jeans: Aura 
Floral Halter: G Field 
Hair: Exile - Midnight in Paris
Skin: Curio

Monday, 27 February 2012

Mix and Mesh

I went to the Mix + Mesh event today and was delighted with MOLiCHiNO's mesh offerings.  I mixed and matched this darling top, available in several colors with this high waisted skirt and then high waisted shorts, both beautifully detailed.  Demos are available and standard sizes are used. The medium fit me perfectly.  Also wearing Wasabi Pills hair and Nardcotix sandals. In the last picture I added Miel glasses and League and Paradisis bracelets.

Birthday Flowers

My darling husband got me this outfit for my birthday yesterday and I just had to blog it.  It's so adorable and sexy.  He saw me in my huntress outfit last week and looked for something similar because, frankly, he loves me bearing my flesh, dirty beggar!  Anyway, coincidentally he chose this and it's from Severed Garden too, the same place i got the panther outfit!  Of course, he loved it all on, skirt ét al, but what he really wanted was for me to wear just the flowers, so the pic below is just for you Mr Q!

Outfit: Severed Garden - Katy
Skin: Curio
Poses: oOo Studio and Olive Juice
Location: My Neighbours place!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Dandelion by Ayla

This colour put me in the mood for spring and here in Scotland it really is a spring day and the sun is shining for my birthday! My whole outfit this week is from Zaara, it was the first store that came to mind when I heard this weeks colour choice.  Her clothes are so bright and colourful and I just knew I would find something there that would be just right for Dandelion.  I took the picture in my little garden as i walked amongst the daffodils, enjoying the end of the snow and the slow emerging bright new season!

Bandhni Hanky top *mango*: Zaara
Denim Capris *light*:  Zaara
Hair:  Exile - Ashlyn:Roots-Wedge
Mesh Feet: Slink

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Dandelion by Dolly

I love yellows! Dandelion is such a cheerful color.  It took me awhile to settle on this Mon Tissu sweater, but once I did, the outfit came together. The shoes are from Mon Tissue as well, the handbag is from Maitreya and the trousers are from coldLogic.  I added my new mesh hair from Lelutka and took a little walk around my skybox.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

She's Been ROBBED!

home from shopping (1) by DollyBaroque
home from shopping (1), a photo by DollyBaroque on Flickr.
Dolly came into some money recently through some sinful activities at a festival. Since her sim lacks a reliable bank, she hid her stash of cash under rugs and furniture, setting aside some for a shopping spree.  Imagine her surprise when she discovered that she'd been robbed while out shopping.  Two whole stacks of bills! Oh - you don't have to imagine it, here she is. 
Discovering the theft (2) by DollyBaroque
Discovering the theft (2), a photo by DollyBaroque on Flickr.
Distraught, she flung open the patio door and cried out for help. 
Crying out for help (3) by DollyBaroque
Crying out for help (3), a photo by DollyBaroque on Flickr.

To her surprise and relief her call was answered by a mysterious caped and masked man who happened to have a thing for red heads - no, NOT Spiderman! She tells him of her plight and he agrees to help her...
Batman to the rescue! (4) by DollyBaroque
Batman to the rescue! (4), a photo by DollyBaroque on Flickr.

Dolly is wearing coldLogic, Nardcotix, Dura hair and Glam Affair.  Her dark knight's ensemble is available on the Marketplace.  All of Dolly's poses are from Long Awkward Pose, and his is from Olive Juice.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Predator by Olive Juice

As promised here is the second set of poses from Olive Juice for the EPOCH-Legend festival.  I had just as much fun with this Predator set as I did yesterday with the Huntress.  This time though I wasn't hunting badgers, but money!  Rumour has it that Dolly Baroque is good for a few quid, but she's that stingy I knew the only chance was to have a prowl around her house. I mean, I wouldn't call it theft, but just me taking a little reward for being an amazing friend for 4 years! I managed to find a few bundles of $100 notes and scarpered over the wall, making a quick exit before she got home from her shopping trip!

Poses: Olive Juice for the EPOCH-Legend Event
Catsuit: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Catwoman
Eye Makeup - MONS - Eyeliner Cat
Mesh Eyes - Mayfly
Lipstick - L. Fauna

Money Can't Buy Love, But It Can Take You Shopping

So I went to ColdLogic and picked up most of the new things. I LOVE this blouse and pants! And yes, I fatpacked them.

Thank you Long Awkward Pose for making me giggle while I took pictures with your awesome pose props!  These greedy poses are available at Festival of Sin.

I'm wearing Wasabi Pills hair, Mynerva skin (not yet released, but soon she promises), Mayfly eyes and Pixel Mode wedgie sandals.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Huntress by Olive Juice

Legend has it that there be badgers on the island.  For many years, hundreds even, there have been tales of the evil little critters running havoc and doing all sorts of disgusting things.  Armies of them infested an old castle, which now lies in ruins, not far from my cottage.  It seems they had a great dislike for royalty.  Old wives still sit in the tavern over the hill sharing horror stories.  I heard tell of a young prince who went by the name of Obe. He took it upon himself one day to hunt down the treacherous fiends.  The poor unfortunate chap spent three years in an asylum after his encounter with them almost deprived him of his manhood... don't ask.  My own hunt today was unsuccessful but I did find some very worrying tracks. I'm no expert. It could just be Meeroo, couldn't it?

On to serious business now.  Olive Juice are taking part in a brand new festival and I had SO much fun today with these 'Huntress' poses Bella made especially for the event.  The first EPOCH event, called “EPOCH-Legend” will be open on the 26th of February (my birthday!). They've got more than 50 shops, 3 themes and 4 venues to present you the best 2 weeks fair full of fun. You can preview items as they are sent into the shopping guide website.  The 3 themes are Art of Escher, Beast and Clowning. Olive Juice is participating in the Beast portion of the event.  Tomorrow I bring you the other set of poses called 'Predator'.

Other thingumies:
Panther Outfit: Agiz by Severed Garden
Hair: Olivia by Sixty Nine
Skin: Curio
Mesh Eyes: Mayfly - Summer Shore

Style Challenge

I nipped along to LeLutka yesterday to see if they had anything new and while I was there I slapped the subscriber and got this fatpack of hair.  It's a little different from my usual style so I challenged myself to put together a look.  I kept things simple and wore my meshy Lycia tank from Mon Tissue and my black leather pants from Fishy Strawberry and to match I slipped into these Mary Janes from Nardcotix. The piano is one of my favourite pieces of furniture and it seemed to fit the mood of the style.  It's from Lost Dog Designs.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Now THIS is sinful!  A wonderful series of greed poses and props from Long Awkward Pose for the Festival of Sin.  Hair by Emo-tions, shoes by Pixel Mode.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cute as a Cupcake!

I know it's Pancake Day but I got confused and dressed in cupcakes instead.  You have to admit, lingerie with cute pink cupcakes is much more appealing than having pancakes splattered all over your ladybits, (hmm or is it?).  I picked this set up from the Festival of Sin, it was just too adorable to pass up!

Schadenfreude Blue Cupcake Gluttony Lingerie - Schadenfreude
Furnishings - Lisp (10L from the Marketplace)
Hair - Wasabi Pills Kamiko Mesh Hair
Skin - As usual, Curio
Pose - oOo Studio (Ottoman Group Gift)


Yes, I braved the lag and went to the Festival of Sin. While I looked around for debauchery I found this not terribly sinful but very cute top from Bliss Couture.  Also wearing League leather pants, Exile hair from The Dressing Room Blue and a preview of the new Milena skin by Mynerva.

Monday, 20 February 2012

52 Weeks of Colour - Dark Raspberry by Ayla

I'm really digging this weeks colour.  I sauntered on down to The Sea Hole, one of my favourite stores, and didn't have any trouble finding this little number which fitted this weeks bill perfectly.  I dug in my closet for my [Gos] Mary Jane Court shoes (so glad they are colour change!), then i finished the look off with this cutsey style called Velvet, from Truth.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kiss my Boots!

Well, what a day today was!  It's taken me literally hours to get this bloggy post done.  This morning I started out at the Festival of Sin knowing exactly what I was looking for, thanks to various previews.  The new Gos boots and the meshy top from Kyoot.  Like most of these events in the first few days it was murderous, but I persevered.  Got my boots first, after having to find the stall twice then cammed around shopping for everything else because I couldn't move.  A number of crashes later and I gave up, sans my Kyoot top.  I had a bath, some lunch and I popped back on to do my picture, deciding afterall that just to do it nude!  It's 5pm now and I am exhausted, pooped, kaput!

[Gos] Mesh Triumph Boots in Red
Clawtooth Book Worm in Girl Next Door
Curio Skin - Yum
 oOo Studio for the pose!

52 Weeks of Color - Dark Raspberry by Dolly

It's Sunday already and time for another color showcase.  When I saw dark raspberry was the color I groaned, because - at least in my opinion - redheads just cannot wear purples. We can carry off earth tones better than anyone, but purple is about the only off limits color to us.  So I overcompensated a little (you think?).  With my coldLogic dark raspberry mesh dress (which they call plum), I treated myself to purple Wasabi Pills mesh hair, the very pretty in pink Alyx skin from Pink Fuel, and purple mesh eyes from Mayfly.  My necklace is from Miel and the windlight setting is Strawberry Singh's Amethyst.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

 The Dressing Room Blue has a new collection out.  The dress from Baiastice looks like mesh, but it's sculpts, and therefore modifyable. I accessorized with non-TDRB items: Hucci shoes and earrings, a cuff bracelet from Beetlebones, and one of my newer Dura hairs. 

In the picture below is the Mons skin and Exile hair, both available at The Dressing Room Blue.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Skin Deep

Beauty is a subjective thing and because of that we are fortunate to have skin designers in SL that cater to various ideas of beauty.  I thought I would do a little experiment. Without changing pose, lighting, hair, shape or clothing, I took pictures of my current default skin, Linn from Glam Affair along with some new or preview skins of other skin makers that I have worn in the past.  Linn is seductive and sexy to my eye.  Alyx from Pink Fuel is the second picture, and compared to Linn, she's fresh faced and sweet (and currently $99L at the main store if you hurry).

 The third picture is a group gift from Mynerva called Sara.  She looks younger, but it's all in the makeup or lack of it, in this case.  I was surprised how drawn to her I was.  She lacks the glamor of the other two, approaching beauty from a natural perspective.  And finally, a preview of Mynerva's Milena in porcelain and latte, also available to the group.  The Mynerva group costs $50L to join, but not a bad price for 3 skins.  I'm not as fond of the porcelain skin as I am of Sara's tone.  The latte is striking but I'll wait for the full line before falling in love. In the meantime, I may mix it up a bit between the first three, depending on my mood and the style I'm shooting for blog wise.

In case you want the rest of the items I'm wearing, they are Wasabi Pills mesh hair, Mayfly mesh eyes, Beetlebones mesh lashes, and Fishy Strawberry lingerie.

I'm Alive!

Look, look, I made it out of bed!  Okay, I just managed to throw some clothes on only to slump down on the sofa again, but I'm up!  Thanks Paco from 22769 Casual Couture for sending me a package while I was in my sickbed, these jeans and comfy sweater are just the job for a recovering poor soul like myself!

You can get them too as they are this months group gift, so run along now and take yer man because there's a set for him as well.  Chop chop!

Jeans and Butterfly Sweater: 22769 Casual Couture
Slippers: FIR & MNA
Hair: Elikatira - Quirky
Skin: Curio - Yum
Pose - Drama Queens - Alterior Motions

Thursday, 16 February 2012


The Glamour is Hunt has begun and I'm wearing the flirty dress from 22769. This is a $10 L hunt and this dress is SO worth the trip. The mesh boots with resize scripts are also from 22769 for the Gallery Gift Shop. My hair is from Dura and the ladylike pearls are from Dark Mouse.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All Dolled Up

 My Valentine dress from coldLogic (a group gift) was the start of this outfit.  Glow Studio earrings and Hucci pumps from The Dressing Room, a stole from Mimikri, available at The Dressing Room Blue, and new hair from Truth give me a glamorous look for Valentine's night. 

Dolly's Folly

I'm back from having no internet all weekend! So I'm catching up. It may be too late to complete the lingerie challenge, but I'm in good time for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!  I chose for folly an outfit already in my wardrobe - and one that Ayla used in another color - Stella.  This wonderful little cocktail dress is from G Field.  I always feel feminine in it. My shoes, totally unsuitable for running are from Nardcotix and the mesh hair from Elikatira.

I adore poses. This pose from Alterior Motions is flirty from another angle, but here it looks like Dolly's running away from her folly.

Monday, 13 February 2012


Le`Exception is a new ladies fashion store that's opening it's doors today and here I am modelling the mesh sequin puffer dress.  Kinda makes me want to go to a cocktail bar!  I added earrings from Bellballs and necklace is All my Trinkets from A:S:S.  My hair is new today from Exile and it's a meshy called Rivers Run. As usual my skin is Curio because I am bore and won't try something new (truth is nothing else suits me).  My eyes are the free group gift at IKON.