Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Day 6 of the Lingerie Challenge Collaborates!

I am killing two birds with one stone today.  It's either laziness or clever thinking, I can't decide which. Today is a very special day, it's Mr Qinan's birthday so here I am making myself all prettiful for him, which takes a good few layers of makeup, I can tell you!  I put on my sexy Whore Mansion Victoria lace bodysuit and after few hours of titivation and I was ready to put the glad rags on.  Just as well it's Collabor88 day too and I got a nice new dress to wear!

So here I am, all dressed up for the birthday boy getting on later, in my Kyoot Bronte dress (Earnshaw) and my new Ingenue Gatsby heels in ruby.  You don't see them very clearly but I also am wear the gorgeous Earthstones earrings.  All items apart from skin and hair are from Collabor88, one of my favourite events.

Other thingumy jigs
Skin: Curio - Yum
Dressing Table: Cheeky Pea (50% off sale)

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