Sunday, 19 February 2012

52 Weeks of Color - Dark Raspberry by Dolly

It's Sunday already and time for another color showcase.  When I saw dark raspberry was the color I groaned, because - at least in my opinion - redheads just cannot wear purples. We can carry off earth tones better than anyone, but purple is about the only off limits color to us.  So I overcompensated a little (you think?).  With my coldLogic dark raspberry mesh dress (which they call plum), I treated myself to purple Wasabi Pills mesh hair, the very pretty in pink Alyx skin from Pink Fuel, and purple mesh eyes from Mayfly.  My necklace is from Miel and the windlight setting is Strawberry Singh's Amethyst.


  1. You didn't overcompensate! For the Color Challenge, this is perfect :)

  2. Looks great and the purple with the raspberry is cool!

  3. awww, thank you Sama and Arya!

  4. the dress is gorgeous on you but I do slightly disagree a redhead cant wear purple, I wear it all the time LOL

    1. It may be my skin tone in real life. Purples make me look ghastly! And poor Dolly suffers for it!