Friday, 3 February 2012

Can You Say HAIR? And Mesh CLOTHES?

What's that you say?  Dura has hair for women?  AWESOME!  I'm not sure how I missed it.  I went shopping at Dura with a couple of my favorite men, Clay and Friar.  I'd seen some good looking men's hair on blogs from Dura and wanted to spread the hair love.  They both picked up the free group gifts and another hair each to boot, which is rare for the men I know well.  One hair and they're done, usually - for a couple of YEARS!  Men are from another planet, trust me.  If I can, I'll get them to model for me in their new hair.

While we were there I of course had to try on demos of the four newest hairs for women.  I got three and am still thinking about the fourth.  Friar laughed and shook his head, and Clay wanted to know how many hairs I had in my inventory, as if I had time to count that high.

Well, although hair is one of my favorite topics, I also love MESH CLOTHES! And coldLogic is ALL mesh!  I'm slowly trying on the entire inventory of the store and these are some of my faves so far.  The hat hair is a limited item from LoQ, adding sauce to the sweater and pants.  The jumpsuit and belt are so awesome that I went for minimal accessories, just statement sized earrings from Aura.

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