Friday, 17 February 2012

Skin Deep

Beauty is a subjective thing and because of that we are fortunate to have skin designers in SL that cater to various ideas of beauty.  I thought I would do a little experiment. Without changing pose, lighting, hair, shape or clothing, I took pictures of my current default skin, Linn from Glam Affair along with some new or preview skins of other skin makers that I have worn in the past.  Linn is seductive and sexy to my eye.  Alyx from Pink Fuel is the second picture, and compared to Linn, she's fresh faced and sweet (and currently $99L at the main store if you hurry).

 The third picture is a group gift from Mynerva called Sara.  She looks younger, but it's all in the makeup or lack of it, in this case.  I was surprised how drawn to her I was.  She lacks the glamor of the other two, approaching beauty from a natural perspective.  And finally, a preview of Mynerva's Milena in porcelain and latte, also available to the group.  The Mynerva group costs $50L to join, but not a bad price for 3 skins.  I'm not as fond of the porcelain skin as I am of Sara's tone.  The latte is striking but I'll wait for the full line before falling in love. In the meantime, I may mix it up a bit between the first three, depending on my mood and the style I'm shooting for blog wise.

In case you want the rest of the items I'm wearing, they are Wasabi Pills mesh hair, Mayfly mesh eyes, Beetlebones mesh lashes, and Fishy Strawberry lingerie.

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