Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's only Logical!

Coldlogic opened it's doors today so first thing this morning I shot right over to see what meshy goodness they came up with.  I spent a while trying on demos and in the end up stuck with my usual smart but casual look.  I am rather a plain Jane when it comes to fashion and quite fussy about what mesh I buy because I don't want to lose my shape or alter it in any way.  I am far from a skinny model type and I am rather attached to my childbearing hips so I look for clothing that will fit.  They have a fabulous selection of pretty clothes, amazingly designed and with all the little creases and whatnot they look so real.  I tried on a few dresses but unfortunately they just didn't flatter my shape, but they are gorgeous.  I ended up buying 3 items.  In the above picture I am wearing the Hache top in Pink along with the Hemlock skirt in Cocoa and i matched them up with Tres Blah thigh high stockings and G Field lace up boots.  The hair is the other mesh release from Elikatira - Locked, which a absolutely adore.

Here I am wearing the Sawyer sweater in Cocoa which matches perfectly with the skirt and I changed my wig to the other Elikatira style I blogged yesterday which is Over in Rich Browns.  I am so happy with all the new releases so far this week and I am looking forward see what else they have in store for us!

Lastly I want to congratulate Dolly in winning the coldLogic photo competition, and well deserved too.  I never saw the other entries, but I am quite biased in saying I knew it would win as soon as I saw it!  Well done darlin' and I hope you enjoy your prizes!  I look forward to seeing them blogged!