Monday, 30 April 2012

52 Weeks of Colour - Thistle by Ayla

I searched the Marketplace for this weeks colour and came across this sweet summer dress from {bilo}, a store I was unfamiliar with.  It's a pretty blend of pastel tones and it makes you think, long walks on the beach, so that's where I decided to snap this picture.  Short and sweet, over and out.  Yes, I'm a bore today with not much else to say on the matter.

Dress: {bilo} Sushmita
Hair: Elikatira - Over
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Mesh Feet: Slink
Sunglasses: Miel Peepers
Pose: oOo Studio

Sunday, 29 April 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Thistle by Dolly

Love this color! Here's the credits:

Mon Tissu Lycia Tank  

Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans Dirty
Truth Georgina w/Roots - pumpkin

Slink Mesh eyelids
League skin - Jen Pale Natural

Pose prop chair is a collaboration between Cheeky Pea and Olive Juice

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Blogger Challenge - New to Me

I saw an interesting blogger challenge on Flickr the other day from Evelyn Hartshorn (see here for details).  In a nutshell, she challenged bloggers to find a new to us store from the list of stores in the very helpful resource at Blogging Second Life.

I chose a store I hadn't heard of called Valentina E Couture and found this lovely ladylike mesh dress.  I added a few staples of my wardrobe, a Miel scarf and earrings, my handbag from Bitch and T-strap shoes from Shiny Things.

Other credits:

Mayfly eyes - Deep Sky Mesh

Elikatira hair - Away

Glam Affair skin - Leah Natural

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Evie's Closet - Elora Ruby (RFL 2012)

This morning I share yet another gorgeous helping from Evie's Closet at the Fantasy Fair.  This beautiful ruby gown is the third of Evie's Relay for Life donations and already very popular from what I can see on Flickr!  It reminds me a little of my wedding dress with the empire line cut.

As I logged on this morning I received a group notice from the Faire and so far, 3 days in, they have raised a whopping $10,201 real dollars for the American Cancer Society.  I find that just incredible!

If you haven't visited yet, you must.  Below I have listed the slurls and official blogs for each sim so they are easy for you to navigate.

*Nu Orne - Designed by Elicio Ember
Slurl: Nu Orne

*Jungle Bungle - Designed by Mayah Parx
Slurl: Jungle Bungle

*Meandervale - Designed by Sharni Azalee and Marcus Inkpen
Slurl: Meandervale

* Shadows Claw - Designed by Laufey Markstein
Slurl: Shadows Claw

* The Tides - Designed by Alia Baroque
Slurl: The Tides

* Sirens Secret - Designed by Elicio Ember
Slurl: Sirens Secret

* Devils Locket - Designed by Lauren Thibaud
Slurl: Devils Locket

* Shifting Sands - Designed Kayle Matzerath

* The Fairelands Junction - Designed by Saiyge Lotus 
Events, Auctions, and More!

Naughty Pixels

I went to One Bad Pixel, the brand new all mesh store that everyone is talking about, and bought one of nearly everything.

I thought I'd show the cigarette pants that look like shantung silk, and the oh-so-naughty halter top. This copper color of the pants is a gift for subscribing to the updates. YAY!

My shoes are my color change strappy sandals from Nardcotix, hair is from Truth and the earrings (aren't they awesome?) are from Mandala.

The pose chair is from Diesel Works. I totally love it!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Where's the coffee?

This gorgeous little Celoe dress isn't a nightgown as this scene implies, but it could be. I love the flow, the length, the barely holding it on straps...

Ayla introduced me to booN hair the other day.  I love the tousled look of this updo!  Enough fashion talk.  Take me to the coffee, please.

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Shuttle Grey by Ayla

This has pretty much been the weather in Scotland for the past few days and this weeks colour sorta matches the mood.  The dress is a coldLogic group gift from when they opened and I added a bit of colour by wearing these tights from (Seasons Gatcha) and my lilac wellies from [Gos].  The brolly I love and it's from Lisp, still available from Collabor88.

The picture reminds me of the nursery rhyme,
Dr Foster went to Glouceter,
In a shower of rain;
He stepped in a puddle,
Right up to his middle,
And never went there again.

Other thingummies:
Hair: Elikatira - Frost
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own
Location: My neighbour April's place

Sunday, 22 April 2012

One Bad Pixel!

One Bad Pixel launched their all mesh brand yesterday and after seeing sneaky teasers all week I was itching to try on some demos.  I wasn't disappointed.  The mesh designs are superb and if I wasn't lacking in Linden I would have bought the whole collection.  I opted for this Asian styled Cherry Cheong dress in Platinum, and it's fair to say it's not coming off today.

There's a competition running to try and guess who the designers are.  I am pretty sure about one of them.  The other?  I'm going to have to do a little investigating!

Other Thingummies
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Shuttle Grey by Dolly

Shuttle grey was easy for me this week for Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. I already had this Celoe top in my inventory, and it works beautifully with my Maitreya jeans and sandals.  The hair is Lulutka, nails and necklace by Mandala, an amazing new to me jewelry store.  The darling posing bench is from !Bang, this color exclusive to the Wear Grey for a Day event.

Glamour at Celoe

 Who doesn't love a little black dress. It's the height of glamour, although this little number by Celoe comes in other colors as well.  For me, glamour is usually black - when it isn't red. 

A dress with this sheen and these lines doesn't need much.  Red lipstick from Glam Affair, an elegant updo from booN, statement earrings and red nails from Mandala are all I needed to be ready for a night at the opera.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Let the Fantasy begin at Evie's Closet!

Fantasy Faire 2012 is officially open and accessible from The Fairelands Junction sim.  Once there just choose a fantastic portal to walk through to the Fairelands sim of your choice.

Of course I urge you to visit them all, but being a tad biased I recommend you fly on over to The Tides and visit Evie's Closet, make it your first stop!  There you will find this whimsical gown especially designed for Petites at the RFL vendors.  As ever with Evie's creations this dress is just stunningly beautiful!  It isn't going to fit normal sized AV's so I went out this morning and bought a Petite avatar just so I could blog it, and ever since I've been buzzing around as a tiny little fairy.  I would stay like this forever if I wasn't so worried about my cats eating me!

Here is the link to the official blog for The Tides sim, where you can take a look-see at all the other stores there.  I promise you won't be disappointed, so be prepared to say bye-bye to your Lindens!

Don't forget this is all for a good cause, to support the American Cancer Society's vision of a world without cancer.  I've been touched by cancer just recently.  Thank goodness my Mother is now in remission and we're looking at a positive future, but cancer is a scary, scary disease.  Just remember every donation counts, no matter how big or small.  You are helping to save lives.  Look out for the Relay for Life vendors and do what you can to fight this worldwide battle.

Other thingumies
~Mynerva~ Petite - Peach
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Orion Petite Mesh Hair - Golden
Petite FairyLand  - Petite Shop @ Holiday Village
Pose: Glitterati - Formality
Location - The bottom of my garden

Stumblebum Ensemble

When I saw these little birdies in a pose set from !bang at this round of Stumblebum they had to be mine.  Of course I had to visit the whole list and here so some of my findings.  The Spring Fresh necklace and earrings are from Dark Mouse, a cute little set that went perfectly with the Spring Dress from Blah, although I am wearing it here as a top.  The hair is another Stumblebum find and it's from Ploom.  The mesh skinny jeans are half price at Maitreya at the moment, so run along and grab them while you can!

Other thingumies:
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own
Location Alirium

Friday, 20 April 2012

Evie's Closet at The Fantasy Faire!

From Saturday April 21 to Sunday April 29, 2012, thousands of Second Life residents and creators will come together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer. Nine Second Life sims will be transformed into the Fairelands, a fantasy continent created to host Fantasy Faire 2012, to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).

Today I am previewing the Evie's Closet gown, Lenka in Henbane, her donation for Relay for Life.  When you buy this dress all proceeds go to charity. Isn't it just gorgeous?  The detail and she puts in to each of her gowns, or whatever she designs, is clearly evident.  One of the things I love most about the dresses are the way they flow.  I know mesh has its place, but for me you will never take away that floaty, princessy feeling I get when I throw on a gown like this.  Make this your first Fantasy Faire purchase, donate to a good cause and be the owner of this stunning dress Evie's Closet dress!

This is the first time since I've taken up blogging that I've been an official blogger for an event.  I hope it doesn't show.  This morning I've been all a dither because I wanted to get things perfect and I've been feeling somewhat starstruck getting to blog for Evie, one of my favourite designers.  I've been buying Evie's Closet gowns since 2007!

I kept my look today very simple because I didn't want to detract from the star of the show. 

Skin: Curio Yum/Acorn
Mesh Feet: Slink
Hair: SAIKIN and booN - BDK113 Brown
Poses by Del May

 Fantasy Faire 2012, April 21 – 29th

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Guitar Heroine

The guys at 22769 Casual Couture put out this awesome mesh guitar case in a zebra stripe as their Narcissus Room offering - a special sale from top designers for those poor neglected men out there.  Let me tell you something, boys - we girlie girls like zebra stripes too, and we may just zip over to Narcissus to pick it up! 

I tossed on jeans that are part of the ladies' group gift this month at 22769, Gos boots and my new grungy pink shirt from Chronokit.  Topped off with a favorite Truth hair old enough to be called vintage, I've got the look of casual Friday, just in time.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Milestone - 10,000 and Counting

Yesterday Double Exposure, our little Second Life blog hit 10,000 views. Last I looked it was 10,201, so we're celebrating with a picture together.  We're alike and we're different, each with a defined sense of our SL selves.  We don't pretend to be style mavens or expert photographers. We just like what we like and our photography is getting better with practice and computer upgrades.  Sometimes we're silly, like our Batman saga proves, sometimes we're sexy (especially Ayla) and we don't much care if that makes us dorks or perverts or whatever.  We're all that and more!

Fun facts about us:

- We met as roleplayers on a sexy, sexy sim in 2007.  We were such sluts back then.

- We decided to blog together just last December, and have been actively blogging ever since.

- We both usually wear a medium in mesh standard sizes, so don't tell us about how mesh makes everybody into the same shape!  

- I was jealous Ayla figured out shadows before I did.  But she's figured out most SL things before me, so it's nothing new.

- My most viewed blog post is Pipes and No Panties (thanks, Pho, for that bright idea LOL)

- Ayla's most viewed blog post is U is for Ursula - Donna Flora A-Z (really thanks to Casja for that idea)

- We live an ocean apart from each other, and would never have met and become friends if it weren't for SL.

- We once took blog pics in the same outfit with the same pose prop at the same location - NOT ON PURPOSE!

- We fought over who would blog a new coldLogic release first.  Ayla won THAT round.

For whatever reason, with all those SL blogs out there, folks are reading us, and we're grateful.  We hope our readers share our sense of fun.

On to the credits before I get all blubbery:

On Ayla (she's the sexy brunette if you don't know us):

Hair - Exile

Top - coldLogic

Shorts - Jane

Shoes -  Nardcotix

On Dolly (me, the redhead):

Hair - Truth

Top - coldLogic

Pants - coldLogic (I'm obliged to point out that Ayla blogged them first in turquoise)

Shoes - Pixel Mode

The pose set is a collaboration between Exposeur and Olive Juice called Glam, and is available at Pose Fair. 

22796 at the Gallery Gift Shop

The boys from 22769 Casual Couture have brought their meshy goodness to The Gallery Gift Shop this month with this darling stripey dress.  It's available at the Gift Shop from now until the 15th of May, and for $100L it's way too much of a bargain to pass up!  I added a few accessories, like the Peepers glasses from Miel and the Crystal Cuffs from Dark Mouse (which I tinted black), just to add a little je ne sais quoi!  The rest you can find below.

Other thingumyjigums
Hair: LeLutka  - Wilde
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Pose - Retro Dork from Adorkable 
Shape my own

Pose Fair Left Me Exhausted

But I'll take some pics anyway.  This very detailed camera is a pose prop from Captivity Co., and this pose, along with several more, is included.  Captivity Co. is located on the South sim of Pose Fair.

Hair - EMO-tions

Outfit top - Eclectic Apparel - Alice Tank Top 

Outfit pants - Eclectic Apparel - Natalia Pants (at The Dressing Room Blue)

French Nails - Izzie's

Shoes - Nardcotix Era Gator Peep Toe Pumps

Monday, 16 April 2012

Hucci Girl

If you're not in the Hucci group, you should be.  Not only does she have sexy clothes and shoe releases that you don't want to miss, Eboni treats her loyal customers very well with marvelous group gifts like this naughty mesh tank.  Ok, maybe nipples don't show with every shape, but mine peeked out and I saw no real reason to hide it for this pic, because I'm a Hucci girl.  ;-P

52 Weeks of Colour - Bright Turquoise by Ayla

Turquoise comes a close second to pink as one of my favourite colours so I was well chuffed when coldLogic brought out some bright, dazzling spring clothes.  This colour combination went well together so I paired them up for this weeks colour challenge.  The picture is taken at Alirium, one of the bestest sims on Second Life!

coldLogic capri - may.aquamarine
coldLogic top -
Hair: Magika -Tangle
Shoes: [Gos] Mary Jane Ballets
Pose: Olive Juice - Blossoms
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Location - Alirium

Sunday, 15 April 2012

52 Weeks of Color - Bright Turquoise by Dolly

Big news for me, just in time for my 52 Weeks of Color post. I HAZ SHADOWS!  I don't have shadows of the official viewer (V3? I've lost track of what it's called), or on Firestorm.  But my friend April suggested that I give Exodus viewer a try, and SHADOWS!

OK, on to bright turquoise - it's pretty similar to aquamarine, don't you think?  Just a little more blue.  I know I wore this Leverocci top for royal purple, but there are so many great colors and, honestly, I adore this little top.  Here's the details:

Leverocci - Satin Ruffle Top

Celoe - nikka skirt
Truth Hair - Isla

Izzie's - French Nails

Donna Flora jewelry - Kristabel Collection

Dolly body shape

Glam Affair - Leah skin

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Close your eyes and listen

It was only when I dug out my radio and was setting up for today's pic that I realised I needed the mesh closed eyes from Slink! They took a bit of fidgeting about with, I had to shrink them considerably because my eyes aren't so big, and I took some time to get the shading right, but it was all relatively easy.

Today's clothes are mostly all old news, but I'm starting to dig into my inventory instead of buying something new each time I blog.  The hair is a group gifty from Magika and it went so prettily with my blouse.

The good news today was I didn't have to spend ages smudging those pesky grids lines, the photo is almost unedited apart from a smidge of glow to bring out the shadows and a crop and frame.  I am really enjoying messing with shadows, and to think I could have had them ages ago if I had known all I needed was a graphics driver update!

Radio with poses: !Bang
Hair: Magika group gift - out now
Jeans: Maitreya Zipper Skinnies
Lolita Off Shoulder Blouse: Tres Blah
Mesh Closed Eyes and Mesh Feet: Slink
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own
Location: My home

Friday, 13 April 2012

Channeling Carole King

 I heard an interview on the radio with Carole King, a legendary singer/songwriter.  If you think you don't know any of her songs, you're wrong. You do.  (You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman, anyone? Yeah - Carole King wrote it with her lyricist husband.  Then Aretha Franklin sang it like nobody else ever will.  And if you don't know Aretha - well... there's a big hole in your musical education, just saying.

Anyway, before I hunkered down and did my taxes, I channeled Carole King, whose songs keep sticking in my head until they come out of my mouth.  I popped on my frizzy hair from Lelutka, the comfy new mesh shirt (a find from my Plurk friend Vaki) from Chronokit, Maitreya mesh jeans and League red cropped top, and sang into my hairbrush at the top of my lungs.  Then Clay came in and made me feel like a natural woman (wink).

The poses are from !Bang (top pic) and PDA (bottom pic - currently available at Collabor88).

Thursday, 12 April 2012

C'est Tres Blah

Tres Blah's cute new mesh outfit is now out at Collabor88. The sweater and skirt are one piece, so there's no fuss getting two pieces to fit together although I'd love the option of just wearing the sweater - maybe in another release.  The darling pose prop umbrella from Lisp is also available at Collabor88, with several poses and texture color change.  The pretty and shiny necklace is from Glow and available at The Dressing Room.

Tres Blah Camille Outfit - Cream

LISP Rainy Days Umbrella pose prop

Glow Italian Briolette Necklace hat hair: Apple

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More from Collabor88

I nipped over to Collabor88 again this morning, as I do a few days after it opens to see if late arrivals were added, and yes, there were.  These pants and little tucked in tank from Fashionably Dead are adorable and they come in a few variations of colours.  My little Gos Mary Jane pumps went really well with the tank.  I'm wearing one of the new styles from LeLutka and last but not least a little necklace from A:S:S.

The pose is from my dear friend Xanthe Audeburgh.  She owns [CS Shapes] and is always sending me little pose bundle gifts.  I love them, they are always so natural and photo friendly.

Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Close Your Eyes

Blacklace Incredible Gray Satin & Lace Bra

SLink Mesh eyelids

LeLutka hair Trend - IrishRed

Dolly's shape

Glam Affair skin Leah Natural - 12 Red

Pose by Immortalis Cyannis

Monday, 9 April 2012

52 Weeks of Colour - Seashell Peach by Ayla

I think I have broken the record for the amount of pictures that I have taken for this weeks colour.  I just couldn't get it right, no matter how hard I tried. In the end I snapped this one, still not entirely happy but it'll save me banging my head off the wall if I carry on trying to get the perfect shot.  The lingerie on the other hand is simply gawjus!

~Blacklace~ Aphrodite: Peach & Ruffle Corset Set 
Hair: LeLutka - WILDE hair/Dark Brunette
Eyes: Mayfly - Mesh Seashore
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own
Location my bedroon

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Midnight in Paris

This months Collabor88 has a Parisian feel to it and my inventory is stacked full of continental cuteness.  If you come close you might even get a pleasant whiff of garlic and onions.  Geez a kiss!  Okay, on to some of my purchases. Firstly the backdrop is the Paris Penthouse from Barnesworth and Anubis, it will come in handy for my photo shoots.  My bum is parked on Marais Gossip Bench from What Next and it comes with the phone some frames and a little notepad and pen and a great selection of poses.  I couldn't resist the hair from Clawtooth with the cute beret, and it went so well with the Josephine Cropped Sweater from Kyoot and the Seberg Pants mesh pants from Ingenue. You don't see it very well in this picture (sorry I'm feeling arty today) but I am wearing French New Wave eyeliner from Chelle Makeup & Cosmetics, also available at Collabor88.  It's all tres chic!

Now I have Del Boy's hilarious French phrases in my head.  Mange tout, mange tout!

Other thingumies
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Shell Peach by Dolly

Shell peach is in my favorite color family - oranges.  I have been known to paint walls this color in real life.  I chose a League blouse for my 52 Weeks of Color challenge and threw it on over my new and favorite Maitreya mesh jeans.  The barely seen shoe is also Maitreya.  My hair is by Wasabi Pills and the versatile pose chair prop is from Diesel Works.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wear Grey for a Day

I'd been hearing about the Wear Grey for a Day charity event which opened yesterday.  Then  I read Rylan's blog about it, and knew I had to support this event with my donations and a blog post.  Donations go to The American Brain Tumor Association.  Like the event's founder, Sanura Snowpaw, I lost a family member to a brain tumor (brother-in-law in his 30's), so it's a cause that moves me in a personal way.

The Sigma earrings, Cracked Mirror dress and Exposeur pose in the first picture came from the event with 100% of the sale of each going to the charity.  The Black Lace lingerie set in the second picture, and the funky eye makeup from Glam Affair were also 100% donations. 

It's a great event, a well designed build, and the merchants have been very generous - donating the sale of some wonderful items to this worthy cause.  So go. Spend a lot of money on the 100% donation items.  If by some impossible chance you can't find anything to buy, just donate. 

Friday, 6 April 2012

I Used PhotoShop as a Verb

I downloaded a trial of Photo Shop and this is my first photoshopped picture (as opposed to GIMP).  It's not too processed, I don't think. I used liquify to smooth out my wrists, bumped up contrast and added a little glow.

I thought I'd show it to you because it works as a fashion pic.  I love the blouse which is an in-store group gift from Celoe.  I paired it with my Maitreya jeans which I may never take off, a Maitreya satchel and a Miel bracelet.  My hair is one of Elikatira's new ones, and my skin is Leah from Glam Affair.  I don't know if I'll ever take it off.  Everything is mesh except the bracelet!

Thursday, 5 April 2012


 A quick little fashion shot to highlight the new mesh skirt and cute little mesh clutch from the boys at 22769.  I paired the skirt with a Baiastice top I picked up at The Dressing Room Blue and Pixel Mode wedgies, then headed off to find a pretty spot to take a picture. I wandered around Zigana, a lovely build.

Hair: Wasabi Pills Annette2 Mesh Hair

Skirt: 22769 [femme] miniskirt

Top: Baiastice Spring Mesh Bolero

Shoes: Pixel Mode Fae Wedge
Skin: Glam Affair Leah Natural - 04 Red

22769 - Mesh Sunrise Dress

The guys from 22769 Casual Couture may be away on holiday but their creations are still here amongst us.  Here I am in this vibrant mesh Sunrise dress which you can find at the last ever Fashionably Late.  There you can also find a cute white mesh skirt, but I think my partner in crime is blogging that.  Hop along and snap them up for your summer wardrobe!  Tata for now, I'm off to bask in the sunshine!

Other thingumyjigs
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own
Mesh Feet - Slink
Hair: - Marie

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Switcheroo - Ayla does Dolly

You all saw Dolly style me the other day, in a look that was out of the box for me, and what a fabulous job she did.  Now it's my turn to style Dolly in a more Ayla way.  If you read our blog you will have realised by now that I am fond of bearing flesh, so this was definitely the way I wanted to go.  We picked up this saucy, provocative and devilishly slutty little dress from The Whore Mansion, chosen because it had a hint of nipple peepage and showed off her sumptuous bum.  Though when I decided to use this box from ILAYA to take the snaps it hid most of that.  This just wouldn't do, so I got her naked!

So here we have my gorgeous friend in all her naked glory.  Isn't she beautiful?  I really do think Dolly has to get naked more often, I shall have to nag her out of her conservative ways.  Maybe sometime we can do a naked blog together.  What do you think of that idea, Miss Dolly?

Other thingamajigs
Skin: Leah by Glam Affair
Hair: Kalle by Truth
Shoes: Shant by Maitreya
Gloves from a Paradisis outfit
Dolly's own shape
Mesh eyes by Mayfly

Fashonably Late and Kyoot

I nipped over to the last ever Fashionably Late earlier this week and saw this cute mesh cardie from ISON.  The Kyoot Lacey top matched it perfectly, you can get that in store for this months Stumblebum event.  Since Dolly got me strappy sandals the other day I can't take them off.  These are Nardcotix Mana Edith Ebony.  Lastly my denims are {mon tissu} - 1929 Cigarette ~ Original, my go to jeans!

Other thingumies
Skin: Curio Yum/Acorn
Shape my own
Pose: Ashuka & Co - Available at Fashionably Late
Hair: Dare -Magika

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Switcheroo - Dolly Does Ayla

 You were thinking something else weren't you?  Ayla and I came up with the BRILLIANT idea of pulling a switch. I would style and take a pic of her, and she would do the same to me.

I love Ayla for lots of reasons having nothing to do with her cute and sassy avatar, but I do think she has a beautiful avie, unique, curvy, sexy and sweet.  Still, I wanted to take her away from her norm without moving outside her comfort zone.  She does cute, she does pretty, she does sexy, she does wickedly slutty at times.  But she doesn't do glamour that much.

I found this lovely simple crimson mesh dress at the new opening of Pixel Mode.  It was just the thing to accessorize and glam her up in a sophisticated way without losing her Aylaness! (Yes, that is a word - now anyway.  Just don't ask me to pronounce it.)

We went through hair in her inventory.  I was looking for a chic updo, and we settled on this perfectly chic one from Lelutka.  She had no dressy strappy sandals in inventory, so a quick trip to Nardcotix was called for to pick up a black pair.  I've done my good deed for the day.  An inventory without strappy sandals? What was she thinking?

We fiddled with a boa that we could never make work the way we wanted, but ended up wrapping her in the fox stole from a few Collabor88's ago.  Some pearls from League to polish off the look and here we are, glamorous Ayla with a hip thrust out for a hint of sass.

Monday, 2 April 2012

52 Weeks of Colours - Royal Purple by Ayla

Short and sweet (because I'm feeling blech).  I'm wearing Jane's, Leeanne cinch waist dress and Wasabi Pills, Lola mesh hair.  The picture is take in the adorable little house from FunkyJunk available at Motif.

Skin: Curio Yum/Acorn
Shape my own

Wasabi Pills and Mayfly Eyes at Zombie Popcorn

I was delighted to see Wasabi Pills mesh hair and Mayfly mesh eyes in the new Zombie Popcorn Collection. Both designers have become staples in my inventory.  I threw on a blouses from another favorite, coldLogic, and added some newer jewelry and took a quick pic of the three hairstyles I settled on, both in the gingerbread color, all mesh.  The short hairs are non-rigged mesh which means they're modifiable to your head. 

Can you see the two tone eyes? Look closer, let me mesmerize you!  They eyes are Mayfly and I got three new colors.

 The earrings in the top photo are from Mandala.  The necklace in the second photo is from Purple Moon Creations.  The earrings in the third photo are from Je Suis and available at Zombie Popcorn.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Girl

I couldn't sleep so I'm blogging instead.  I just made it on time to go and hunt for this top at coldLogic.  It comes in three different colours and if you hurry you might just get it before it gets taken down.  I threw on my Zaara capri jeans and my Porn Star pumps, fixed my hair quickly and tada, all ready.  Meanwhile the birdies are tweeting outside and the sun is rising.

coldLogic  Top - Jett.TFUH gift
Zaara Capri Jeans
The Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) Porn Star Pumps
Hair: .ploom. Whinxie - A Little of Everything
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own
Pose: [LAP] All the days pose set

52 Weeks of Color - Royal Purple by Dolly

Oh dear, purple again! Royal purple is the color of the week!  The color that doesn't suit me - but I think this shade works, despite my usual reluctance to wear purple. The poses and set are from Exposeur, which I managed to pick up in the 50% off sale.  I know it's April Fools Day, but no joke - I love this outfit!


Blouse: Leverocci - Satin Ruffle Top -Vine

Shorts: Leverocci - SS12 Shorts - Charcoal
Shoes: Maitreya - Gold Shanti Black

Necklace: Tres Blah C88 String Necklaces

Hat: Celoe nile hat

Hair: Elikatira Over

Skin: Glam Affair Leah Natural

I'm Pretty in Pink in coldLogic

I have been trying to take this picture forever - on my first try I noticed that Ayla had used the same pose prop a few posts back, then my computer was getting worse and worse in terms of graphics, but - exciting picture or not, I do love the new sweater tanks and skirts from coldLogic.  There are lots of colors and two pattern sets to choose from. 

Truth Hair - Kalle w/Roots - marmalade
Addiction - Forget You Not Locket
coldLogic skirt -
coldLogic top -
Maitreya Gold Yaxkin Sandals Pearl
Glam Affair- Leah Natural - Clean Red