Monday, 2 April 2012

Wasabi Pills and Mayfly Eyes at Zombie Popcorn

I was delighted to see Wasabi Pills mesh hair and Mayfly mesh eyes in the new Zombie Popcorn Collection. Both designers have become staples in my inventory.  I threw on a blouses from another favorite, coldLogic, and added some newer jewelry and took a quick pic of the three hairstyles I settled on, both in the gingerbread color, all mesh.  The short hairs are non-rigged mesh which means they're modifiable to your head. 

Can you see the two tone eyes? Look closer, let me mesmerize you!  They eyes are Mayfly and I got three new colors.

 The earrings in the top photo are from Mandala.  The necklace in the second photo is from Purple Moon Creations.  The earrings in the third photo are from Je Suis and available at Zombie Popcorn.

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