Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Evie's Closet - Elora Ruby (RFL 2012)

This morning I share yet another gorgeous helping from Evie's Closet at the Fantasy Fair.  This beautiful ruby gown is the third of Evie's Relay for Life donations and already very popular from what I can see on Flickr!  It reminds me a little of my wedding dress with the empire line cut.

As I logged on this morning I received a group notice from the Faire and so far, 3 days in, they have raised a whopping $10,201 real dollars for the American Cancer Society.  I find that just incredible!

If you haven't visited yet, you must.  Below I have listed the slurls and official blogs for each sim so they are easy for you to navigate.

*Nu Orne - Designed by Elicio Ember
Slurl: Nu Orne

*Jungle Bungle - Designed by Mayah Parx
Slurl: Jungle Bungle

*Meandervale - Designed by Sharni Azalee and Marcus Inkpen
Slurl: Meandervale

* Shadows Claw - Designed by Laufey Markstein
Slurl: Shadows Claw

* The Tides - Designed by Alia Baroque
Slurl: The Tides

* Sirens Secret - Designed by Elicio Ember
Slurl: Sirens Secret

* Devils Locket - Designed by Lauren Thibaud
Slurl: Devils Locket

* Shifting Sands - Designed Kayle Matzerath

* The Fairelands Junction - Designed by Saiyge Lotus 
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