Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Switcheroo - Dolly Does Ayla

 You were thinking something else weren't you?  Ayla and I came up with the BRILLIANT idea of pulling a switch. I would style and take a pic of her, and she would do the same to me.

I love Ayla for lots of reasons having nothing to do with her cute and sassy avatar, but I do think she has a beautiful avie, unique, curvy, sexy and sweet.  Still, I wanted to take her away from her norm without moving outside her comfort zone.  She does cute, she does pretty, she does sexy, she does wickedly slutty at times.  But she doesn't do glamour that much.

I found this lovely simple crimson mesh dress at the new opening of Pixel Mode.  It was just the thing to accessorize and glam her up in a sophisticated way without losing her Aylaness! (Yes, that is a word - now anyway.  Just don't ask me to pronounce it.)

We went through hair in her inventory.  I was looking for a chic updo, and we settled on this perfectly chic one from Lelutka.  She had no dressy strappy sandals in inventory, so a quick trip to Nardcotix was called for to pick up a black pair.  I've done my good deed for the day.  An inventory without strappy sandals? What was she thinking?

We fiddled with a boa that we could never make work the way we wanted, but ended up wrapping her in the fox stole from a few Collabor88's ago.  Some pearls from League to polish off the look and here we are, glamorous Ayla with a hip thrust out for a hint of sass.