Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Milestone - 10,000 and Counting

Yesterday Double Exposure, our little Second Life blog hit 10,000 views. Last I looked it was 10,201, so we're celebrating with a picture together.  We're alike and we're different, each with a defined sense of our SL selves.  We don't pretend to be style mavens or expert photographers. We just like what we like and our photography is getting better with practice and computer upgrades.  Sometimes we're silly, like our Batman saga proves, sometimes we're sexy (especially Ayla) and we don't much care if that makes us dorks or perverts or whatever.  We're all that and more!

Fun facts about us:

- We met as roleplayers on a sexy, sexy sim in 2007.  We were such sluts back then.

- We decided to blog together just last December, and have been actively blogging ever since.

- We both usually wear a medium in mesh standard sizes, so don't tell us about how mesh makes everybody into the same shape!  

- I was jealous Ayla figured out shadows before I did.  But she's figured out most SL things before me, so it's nothing new.

- My most viewed blog post is Pipes and No Panties (thanks, Pho, for that bright idea LOL)

- Ayla's most viewed blog post is U is for Ursula - Donna Flora A-Z (really thanks to Casja for that idea)

- We live an ocean apart from each other, and would never have met and become friends if it weren't for SL.

- We once took blog pics in the same outfit with the same pose prop at the same location - NOT ON PURPOSE!

- We fought over who would blog a new coldLogic release first.  Ayla won THAT round.

For whatever reason, with all those SL blogs out there, folks are reading us, and we're grateful.  We hope our readers share our sense of fun.

On to the credits before I get all blubbery:

On Ayla (she's the sexy brunette if you don't know us):

Hair - Exile

Top - coldLogic

Shorts - Jane

Shoes -  Nardcotix

On Dolly (me, the redhead):

Hair - Truth

Top - coldLogic

Pants - coldLogic (I'm obliged to point out that Ayla blogged them first in turquoise)

Shoes - Pixel Mode

The pose set is a collaboration between Exposeur and Olive Juice called Glam, and is available at Pose Fair. 


  1. Congratulations! Ladies, you should be proud of the work you've done. You're both such sweet and talented people <3