Saturday, 14 April 2012

Close your eyes and listen

It was only when I dug out my radio and was setting up for today's pic that I realised I needed the mesh closed eyes from Slink! They took a bit of fidgeting about with, I had to shrink them considerably because my eyes aren't so big, and I took some time to get the shading right, but it was all relatively easy.

Today's clothes are mostly all old news, but I'm starting to dig into my inventory instead of buying something new each time I blog.  The hair is a group gifty from Magika and it went so prettily with my blouse.

The good news today was I didn't have to spend ages smudging those pesky grids lines, the photo is almost unedited apart from a smidge of glow to bring out the shadows and a crop and frame.  I am really enjoying messing with shadows, and to think I could have had them ages ago if I had known all I needed was a graphics driver update!

Radio with poses: !Bang
Hair: Magika group gift - out now
Jeans: Maitreya Zipper Skinnies
Lolita Off Shoulder Blouse: Tres Blah
Mesh Closed Eyes and Mesh Feet: Slink
Skin: Curio - Yum/Acorn
Shape my own
Location: My home

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