Saturday, 25 February 2012

She's Been ROBBED!

home from shopping (1) by DollyBaroque
home from shopping (1), a photo by DollyBaroque on Flickr.
Dolly came into some money recently through some sinful activities at a festival. Since her sim lacks a reliable bank, she hid her stash of cash under rugs and furniture, setting aside some for a shopping spree.  Imagine her surprise when she discovered that she'd been robbed while out shopping.  Two whole stacks of bills! Oh - you don't have to imagine it, here she is. 
Discovering the theft (2) by DollyBaroque
Discovering the theft (2), a photo by DollyBaroque on Flickr.
Distraught, she flung open the patio door and cried out for help. 
Crying out for help (3) by DollyBaroque
Crying out for help (3), a photo by DollyBaroque on Flickr.

To her surprise and relief her call was answered by a mysterious caped and masked man who happened to have a thing for red heads - no, NOT Spiderman! She tells him of her plight and he agrees to help her...
Batman to the rescue! (4) by DollyBaroque
Batman to the rescue! (4), a photo by DollyBaroque on Flickr.

Dolly is wearing coldLogic, Nardcotix, Dura hair and Glam Affair.  Her dark knight's ensemble is available on the Marketplace.  All of Dolly's poses are from Long Awkward Pose, and his is from Olive Juice.

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