Saturday, 4 February 2012

A woman's work is never done

This afternoons look is a far cry from this mornings. Here i go trudging in the snow to buy milk for tea.  I was so busy getting ready to seduce Mr Q this morning that i forgot to get essentials in, and well, there's nothing he likes more than a nice hot cup of post coital tea!  A womans work is never done and all that.

Just as well Paco from 22769 sent me over these wooly Argyle stockings which you can find at Black Market by FTLO  for $40L, that just happen to match perfectly with my Gos wellie boots!  I threw on my Jane mesh hoodie over a tank (Jane also) and went out to face the winter blizzards.  My new style from Sixty Nine is going to look like a damp mop by the time I get home!

P.S The pose is another of Xanthe from CS Shapes Womanstuff Hunt

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