Thursday, 3 May 2012

Culture Shock - It's What the Doctor Ordered

I couldn't be more proud to be chosen as an official blogger for a charitable event.  Culture Shock, a CHIC Management event with 180 participating merchants, is running from tomorrow, May 4th to May 26th.  Culture Shock benefits Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières for the second year in a row.  A brief perusal of their web site gives you a sense of the critical humanitarian aid this organization provides, even in mortally dangerous conditions for the volunteers.  Send a prayer their way with your donation.

I'm not on many blogging lists - I usually buy what I blog, and that's fine with me.  Ayla and I blog whatever suits our fancy.  Many of the merchants associated with Culture Shock have provided review copies so that we bloggers get their name out there and generate some buzz for this event.  All good marketing, and I'm glad to do my part.  I'll put an asterisk in the credits for review copies, and I'll be making a Linden dollar donation to the cause as well.

I don't think I have to tell you how awesome the dress, scarf and skin are, not to mention the pose.  Here's the credits:

Culture Shock Items:

Celoe - June dress Lake (donation item)

Mon Tissu Skinny Scarf (donation item)

Akeruka skin - Blanca Medium (donation item)*

oOo Pose*

Non Culture Shock Items:

Beetlebones Mesh Lashes - dainty brown
booN hair - chestnut

Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye Teal Hazel

* Review copy

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