Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Louise Gets a Makeover

Ayla and I have this kooky long time friend, Louise Glimmer, who shows up at odd times to say hello.  She's been missing for awhile, but showed up yesterday, her usual kooky self, accusing us of being naked and bald because she couldn't see mesh.  After we got her sorted enough so that the shoe dangling over her head went back on her foot, Ayla gave her a sisterly look over and said, "You need a makeover."  So I took a "before" picture of her wearing the Christmas group gifts she showed up in, and we went shopping.  After new skin, shape, eyes and hair, we still consider her a work in progress, but we thought you might like to see her updated look so far.  Pretty, isn't she?

Credits for Before:

Old Curio skin

Lelutka group gift hair with tiara (so Loulou)

Jane group gift sweater 

Goodness knows what else she was wearing

Credits for After:

Glam Affair - Leah skin

CS Shapes - new shape

Wasabi Pills - Sybille hair

Mayfly - eyes

Still don't know where the shirt is from

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