Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Home and Garden Expo - D&M Dream Homes

The Home and Garden Expo is well under way with oodles of fabulous designs on exhibit spanning 14 sims.  Again, I am showcasing my dear friend and co-bloggers contribution to this years fantastic event.  Dolly is a skilled creator and her builds are put together with much deliberation and a good eye for textures.

Dolly's Domicile

The first home, Dolly's Domicile is a darling little house and it's the second of the unique designs she has donated 100% to relay for life.  It's a modest little home, comprising of a living room and one bedroom with a little patio area.  Perfect for single living, or a little love nest for you and your significant other.

The Craftsman

The second home is a design inspired by Dolly's own home in real life.  If I wasn't so attached to my little cottage I would definitely live here.  It has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, a generous sized living/dining room and a kitchen space.  Please make a point to visit these builds and see them in world.  The pictures, beautiful as they are, don't do the builds justice!  Here is the taxi D&M Dream Homes at the Home and Garden Expo.

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