Friday, 16 August 2013

At Home with Dolly

When I go to events I don't just buy new release clothes, I buy furniture and houses, too. The Modern Villa is the new release by Trompe Loeil at Collabor88. I'm slowly decorating it and the great room is shaping up nicely with Dig's new Douglas sofa, table and wall art at Liaison Collaborative's Garden. The rug and floor cushion are from Pilot, the floor lamp is from Trompe Loeil's Oceana group at this month's FaMeshed. Other assorted accessories are from Dutchie, Post, and Mud Honey.

Part of the fun of decorating a home in Second Life is the pleasure of mixing the work of different designers into a cohesive look. For my fireplace grouping I used the Trompe Loeil Oceana sofa, chairs, trunk and coffee table. I mixed in a floor lamp from the Digs Douglas grouping, a table lamp, mirror, wall art, and some accessories from The Loft's Alders grouping at Collabor88. The Mission style dresser and the books on the trunk are from Apple Fall at Collabor88. The only items NOT from a new event are the Pilot rugs, the hydrangas in a glass vase from Apple Fall and touch of greenery in the right corner from Rustica.

I think I'm going to be happy at this new house for awhile. Did I tell you it has a pool?