Thursday, 24 October 2013

Oh, the Horror!

I have a confession. On the first Halloween that I remember, my mother dressed me up as a witch and I went door to door getting candy. About three houses away from home there were three big boys of about six years old (they seemed big to me at the time) dressed as cowboys. They saw me and screamed, "It's a witch!" took out their toy six shooters and shot at me - pretend, of course. That terrified me, and ever since I've been a princess or a fairy or even a fairy princess at Halloween. No more scary costumes for me! Even my pumpkins have to wear a smile!

I did find a few Halloween themed items at Horror Fest that managed to be a little eerie if not horrific. The sugar skull tattoos from Ezura Xue are pretty! So is my webbed dress from Schadenfreude and the raven pose and props from Uncertain Smile Poses.


Ezura Xue Dia De Los Muertos Face Tattoo *Black-Red (at Horror Fest)
Schadenfreude Widow Lost in the Woods Dress (at Horror Fest)
Maxi Gossamer - Rings - Dew Encrusted Teardrop - Small - R - SILVER
Pure Poison - Black Arachnide Earrings
Pure Poison - Black Arachnide Necklace
TRUTH HAIR Faye (New Release)
UNCERTAIN SMILE SORCERER 1 - RAVENS Pose prop (at Horror Fest)
-Belleza- Leila Med R 2
Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eye (True Grey, w3) 
 Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - Flat

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