Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cowboy Hats and Bowties

If I think cowboy hats and bow ties are cool, what does that make me? Strawberry Singh made geeks, nerds, and dorks her challenge this week. It ties in nicely to my over the top excitement over the release of the Matt and David outfits from FATEplay introduced at the just opened Geeks'n'Nerds fair.

Clay really liked the David outfit best but since I liked the Karen outfit (also at the FATEplay booth) and his cowboy hat, I got bossy and we took this picture (as an aside, I switched the denim skirt in the Karen outfit with a leather one from Maitreya just for fun). Clay is back in the David outfit and I'll never get him out of it unless I can find a Spider Man costume somewhere.

My computer got overheated and I kept crashing or we'd have a decent picture of the 10th Doctor and Amy fighting zombies His pose and sonic screwdriver is from Hopscotch, the door and my pose is Tea.s  &  elephante poses  Dead Door. Both are available at Geeks'n'Nerds. I'm not sure that makes us nerds or geeks or maybe dorks, but it makes us something weird. OK, here's my not quite perfect Doctor-fights-zombies picture before I crashed.
Meme Instructions: Create an image depicting what you consider to be geeky/nerdy/dorky and/or answer the following questions! Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in Berry's comments and if you do a picture for this meme, feel free to share it in the blog memes flickr group.
  1. What do you consider yourself to be? Geek? Nerd? Dork? None of the above? All of the above? –I have a little of all three. I can get my geek on just by logging into Second Life!
  2. What was the first computer you ever owned? – The first one I ever owned was a Gateway. Horrid machine.
  3. When and how did you first get on the internet? – It was work related. I had to get up to speed very quickly when I was put in charge of my company's investor relations department. The finance people were early adopters because we could check stock prices in (almost) real time.
  4. Which geek fandom do you subscribe to? – Harry Potter. Fabulous books. And I recently caught up in Doctor Who. I still can't decide which is my favorite Doctor, but for companion it's Donna. Don't watch the video if you're not past Donna in the Doctor Who series. Spoilers!
  5. Star Trek or Star Wars? – Star Trek because it made splitting infinitives cool.
  6. How Geeky Are You? – I got 16%. Apparently geeks know another meaning for Ajax than a cleanser for the bathroom or a Trojan War hero in the Iliad.

On Clay First Picture

HopScotch It doesn't do wood -Sonic Screwdriver (at Geeks'n'Nerds)
FATEplay - Matt Blazer, Pants - Original (at Geeks'n'Nerds)
TRUTH HAIR Jack - LightBrowns01
Belleza Ashton Medium GG Bald (chest hair)
On Clay Second Picture
Dura Boy 31(Mocha)
DECO - MESH Classic Sneaks medium (red)
FATEplay - David Blazer, Coat and Pants - Original (at Geeks'n'Nerds)

On Dolly

JANE - lil piggies tights.fuzzy.bk charcoal
Belleza Leila Freckles 2 MED
Yummy Faceted Solitaire Ring - Diamond
::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty brown)
FATEplay - Karen Jacket, Shirt - Crimson
Maitreya Mini Skirt * Dark Leather Eternity
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eye (Deep Honey Hazel, w3)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Slink Vanity Boot Black
[LeLutka]-POCAHONTAS hair - IrishRed
Belleza- Leila Med R 3


  1. Yeah I was wondering, Ajax is something else other than a cleanser? Confusing! I love the second pic btw!

    1. Glad I wasn't the only one! And thanks! It was mostly a rezzing problem that made me not want to use it.