Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cafe Hunt

I started the Cafe Hunt today, just for something to do.  I got through ohh... about 11 stores before coming home to see what I got.  The pitcher grouping from Baffle! is my favorite thing so far.  You look for a steaming cup of coffee to find the prize.  I know, right? Perfect for me! The sweater I'm wearing is also on the hunt, A S O! number 7 on the list, I think.

Other items I'm wearing are my Tres Blah jeans, Fir and Mna boots and hair by Fashionably Dead.

If you're as easily amused as I am, you will RUN to pick up the Cafe Hunt prize from *.amato.* It comes with the jeans, coffee stained sweater, coffee cup AND two poses for spilling your coffee! There's a non-coffee stained version of the sweater, too, but what fun is that?

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