Friday, 27 January 2012

In the Mood

I get tired of taking pics just of my own pixels.  Lucky for me, Clay is good natured even when I make him change his shirt and pants and hair... and then kick his ass!

Great couple poses are everywhere, but I thought I'd highlight just a couple of my favorite pose stores. The top pose is from Del May, whose store looks like an art gallery filled with breathtaking work.

The second and third poses are from Olive Juice (sob) which is closing in early February.  The silver lining is that she is selling ALL her poses at 50% off until she closes her doors.

What I like about both of these pose makers is they manage to capture a moment in motion in their poses, setting a mood.


Since Evie smacked me with a wet fish for not including style notes, just quickly for me:
PANTS: Maitreya
SWEATER: Maitreya
HAIR: Truth

As for Clay, I know he got his hair at Bryce, skin at Belleza, boots at Deco. I got him the mesh jacket from the marketplace. Jeans and shirt... no idea.

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