Friday, 6 January 2012

Obsession Confession

I admit it.

 I have something bordering on an obsession with hair and shoes, so this was an outstanding day. Truth Hair released two great new hairs that I snapped right up. I love love love this updo. In fact, I haven't even tried on the other hair yet, because I can't take this one off!

This hair feels sort of high fashion to me, so I thought I could highlight it with the other fabulous release of the day - Hucci's mesh platform pumps - D'Ann, Exotic Collection. I got a fatpack because I just don't know what colors I'm going to need, and the fatpack was so... well... tempting.

I slipped into my leather mesh jeans from Maitreya and one of my favorite camisoles from G Field.  I threw on some bracelets and earrings from Miel.  New hair, new shoes.  I'm ready for the weekend!
Did you think I'd be admitting to a farting obsession? No, that's Ayla!


  1. Yep yep. All these poses look like you are trying to squeeze one out!

  2. See what I mean? The girl's obsessed!