Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Beautiful Sister Louise

Louise and I met back in 2006 and only a few weeks later we were thrust together as twins for role-play reasons.  But it went beyond that and we have been sisters ever since, even though we may not be twins anymore.  You know when you meet someone and there is just that instant click?  Well that was us.  She's crazy, funny and loving and we have shared so many good times over the years. I do love her to bits.

The twins back in 2007 in X2 skins and Panache Hair

A few weeks ago I decided that she needed a makeover.  She had been wearing our twin shape since 2006 and was desperately needing an overhaul and she agreed.  So we started on her skin, shape and hair, seen here, blogged by Dolly.  Last weekend we completed the final part of her make-over and took her on a shopping spree.  Sadly, the shape she had bought the other week didn't fit mesh too well and it was no mod, so I had to make her a new one, hopefully capturing a similar look.  She loves it anyway and she does look gorgeous.

Once I had taken a few shots of her new look, Louise, Dolly and I all threw on our new bunny girl outfits for a fun snap together.  We ALL look very different from when we first met all those years ago and thank the lord!  So much has changed on Second Life since then and all for the better.  With no may talented creators our AV's come to life and look less cartoony as they did in 2006/7.

The make-over team with Loulou

coldLogic romper -
::1bp:: Cherry Cheong - Deep Pink
::HH:: Hucci Cocktail Bunny - Midnight (available at C88)
Hair: "D!va" "Sayaka2" (available at C88)
Skin: Glam Affair - Leah
Shape made by Ayla

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