Friday, 24 August 2012

I miss you!

I nipped on this morning to catch Fifty Linden Friday, I didn't want to miss two weeks in a row!  When I saw the message props from Flowey I knew I had to sneak in a blog because I DO MISS YOU ALL!

I'm getting better by the day, hell I don't think I would have mustered the energy to blog only a few days ago and here I am doing it!  It won't be long until I am at the peak of health again, annoying the blazes out of you all!

flowey. message prop: nice - for FLF
MIEL PLAYA DRESS - solid bright - for FLF
>TRUTH< Marina -  dark browns
-Glam Affair- Leah MedTan 
Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Twilight Steel)
GOD - Dream Scene - The Hidden Cove

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