Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Global Domination

The Second Life news I get comes from blogs, feeds, and my Plurk timeline (if you don't know Plurk it's a social networking site that's sort of twitterish, but not).  Lately I've been seeing these scary posts about GLOBAL DOMINATION.  If you know me at all you probably know I don't want to dominate the globe.  I don't even want to dominate Second Life - though the occasional domination of my globes is acceptable (wink).

So, I thought, "no, that's not for me, this Global Domination."  But it continued to assault me with information from all sides.  I learned you needed a passport HUD and could buy it for $300L at various stores - ah, stores.  Wouldn't mind dominating a few of them.  I learned the price of the HUD (and tempting gifts with purchase) would go up on the 14th, so everyone should run out to get their passport HUD early.  But - Global Domination is a scary prospect!

Then I popped into Baiastice to see the new releases, and what do you know.  Right there at the landing spot was a kiosk to buy a Global Domination passport HUD (which you apparently must have to dominate the globe).  If I bought the passport at Baiastice I would get a gift with the passport purchase consisting of the hat and handbag from the picture above.  NOW I got it.  I must HAVE that!  So I read the notecard from the kiosk, explaining a little bit about the game - yeah.  It's a game, a puzzle riddle sort of game that takes you to 17 participating stores, solving puzzles and winning prizes.  It starts February 14th and lasts a couple of weeks.  The Hottie Cooterati Experience is the sponsor and there's real information about it on their website here.

Maybe Global Domination will be fun after all.  I have my passport just in case.

If you dare to think I forgot my Valentine challenge with all this dominating of globes, check out the heart necklace.  Maxi Gossamer to the rescue again!


Baiastice Aida top-champagne (new release)
Baiastice Boxy open Cardigan-rufous (new release)
Baiastice Estella-handbag (Gift with Passport Purchase)
Baiastice Estella-hat (Gift with Passport Purchase)
Baiastice Gareth Trousers-copper (new release)
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Candy Love Heart - Long - CHOCOLATE
Gos Sophia Peeptoe - Essentials Collection
LeLutka -VENT hair - IrishRed
Glam Affair - Laurel 04 RED
Slink Mesh Hands 

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