Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mermaids' Song

April and I became mermaids yesterday.  She has a real thing for mermaids (and mermen, I suspect).  So when I told her that Celoe and Lelutka had combined to make a line of mermaid - umm - outfits?  accessories? tails? Whatever.  When I told her about Erare, the new mermaid fantasy store, she was ready to shop.  Turns out she had made gorgeous mermaid poses for her store, Alterior Motions, so I snapped a quick pic.  April added a tattoo layer to her mermaid and I put on my EMO-tions hair instead of the hair that comes with the mermaid.  Now all we need is a sailor or two.

Funny aside.  This morning I couldn't log into SL due to rolling restarts and I complained on Plurk.  The beautiful Sylvia Olivier suggested I type Sargasso into my destination box.  I did and arrived in an underwater sim in full mermaid regalia!  So I took another pic.

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