Wednesday, 12 June 2013


There are a lot of lovely bikinis out there but I found this one from G Field from last year and thought it deserved a picture. I was actually trying to put a look together for this GizzA basket I picked up at the Arcade Gacha when I came across it. I love finding things that I completely forgot I had! You can get the sunglasses from Conspiracy Theory at the Gacha event too.

Like most bloggers, I have a humongous inventory with a ton of clothes I seem to forget about. I think it would be fun to raid it for future blog posts. It's such a shame for it all to hang in there getting all moth balled, plus it would save a lot of Lindens too! (waiting for the stereo typical tight arsed Scot comments)

GizzA - Summer Basket [Aquarium] 
[CT] Cat Glasses - Grey
*GField*[Mesh] Frill Bikini -white-
Slink Aussie Thongs White
TRUTH HAIR Lotus - Blondes04
Glam Affair - Cleo - India - 05 E

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