Saturday, 6 July 2013

Love Donna Flora - We Can Help

I remember the first time I went to Donna Flora. April and I were mad for 20's vintage clothing and hair, so we were scouring search with words like "roaring 20's" and "flapper" and other terms. Of course we found Donna Flora, and I spent HOURS there, looking and buying. The jewelry looks like something you would find in the estate jewelry section of the very finest jewelry store. Her attention to period detailing was and still is unmatched in Second Life.

I never met Squinternet Larnia, the creator behind Donna Flora, but through Cajsa Lilliehook's posts and updates, I knew about Squinternet's fight with cancer since late 2011. She had overcome her prognosis for over a year, but her cancer is back and she hasn't been able to release recently.  According to Cajsa, "Her income from SL has dropped to just enough to maintain her sim. In characteristic Second Life fashion, the community that makes SL what it is has come together to throw a fundraiser for her to help defray her  expenses. While Italy has national health insurance, she must finance any alternative therapies and much of her home nursing care."

Love Donna Flora, the fundraising event, starts July 25th and run through August 11th. Designers will create one item for sale at 100% and can sell additional times that they can split with a 50%, 75% or 100% donation. There will be donation jars available soon for merchants, DJ's and others who want to help. See more details HERE.

Of course, another way to help is to go to Donna Flora and shop. Saffron Foxclaw started a blogger challenge called Bare All for Breast Cancer. The challenge is to showcase one of Squinternet's beautiful creations in a breast baring way. Join in. Post your picture to the Flickr group HERE and post to your blog if you have one. I may have chickened out of full frontal, but I've got the spirit of the challenge wearing the Kristabel set of necklace, earrings and gorgeous statement ring, and nothing else.


Donna Flora Kristabel earrings
Donna Flora Kristabel necklace
Donna Flora Kristabel ring
Mandala Simple Ears Hutuu
Beetlebones Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty brown)
Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Aged Bronze, w3)
Slink Mesh Hands (av)
TRUTH HAIR Colbie - Gingers01
Glam Affair - Cleo - America - Clean F

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