Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Interview Challenge

The Strawberry Singh meme of the week involved finding someone to interview me, so I threw Clay Cowen to the wolves (;-P) and asked him to interview me. I crashed three or four times trying to take a photo, and ended up with a less than optimal photo, but oh well. My computer and SL are not getting along that well lately. Here's our interview:

Me: I didn't get the pic I want but I got something, so let's start the interview. Can you interview me upside down?

Clay: hehe, sure. So, how long, do you think, before those wolves lose interest in us and we can get down?
Me: I think they're too smart for that. We'll have to teleport away. But maybe they're nice. I like dogs.

Clay: Like dogs, she says! Cute little store she says!  This woodland path is not scary she says! Seriously, what can I do to keep you from taking me shopping?
Me: There's nothing you can do to stop me. And that staying naked trick of yours doesn't work. It just makes me think you have nothing to wear.

Clay: Maybe I just like being naked around you, ever thought of that?
Me: It has occurred to me, yes. However, the urge to take you shopping is probably not the urge you're looking for. Besides, it's January 30th and I haven't taken you shopping in AGES! Do you remember the last time I made you go shopping?

Clay: Last time wasn't so bad, I guess. Is it very frustrating to be with a guy who changes his clothes about as often as a Simpsons character and hates shopping?
Me: grin It can be. I really don't understand how Second Life guys can wear the same clothes and skin and hair day in and day out. It's part of the fun for me in SL.

Clay: I guess for a lot of guys the fun of SL is just not having to worry about every day things like changes of clothes.  Is that how you got into doing the blog, enjoying the experience?
Me: You couldn't answer my question on when we last shopped together, could you?

Clay grumbles and looks at the wolves, considering trying his luck with them and looks back at her. "I guess not, no."
Me: I got into blogging because I like to put together looks and decorate my environment, and I like taking pictures, though sometimes with the computer crashes pictures are frustrating. I didn't think you'd remember...It was the Nerds and Geeks Fair! You got two Dr Who outfits and a sonic screwdriver!

Clay grins and nods "Now I remember it, yeah.  That was a while ago.  Do you enjoy finding new things like that?"
Me: I love the shared fantasy of Second Life, not just making my avi pretty (and yours). Everything we see on a sim is a creation of someone, not a background provided by Linden Labs. I love the designers who made the wolves, the trees, the poses, the clothes - and how I can put them together in my own way.

Clay grumbles about whoever made these menaces then looks back at Dolly. "You know, there are dangers in SL other than wolves.  Tell me the truth, you'd sell me to a travelling sideshow if it meant you could log on to Collabor88 first try every time, wouldn't you?"
Dolly Baroque grimaces for a moment, thinking hard. "Think that would work?"

Clay: How much hair is in your inventory and can we use it to fashion a rope and escape the wolves?
Me: Oh lord, I have no idea how many hairs I have, but I think we could make a rope to tie around the whole sim with the hair in my inventory. However, I'd rather feed you to the wolves than give them up.


Studio Skye Enchanted Woods
Eclyps 3D Standing Wolf 1
Poses by Del May

On Clay

Dura-Boy 31(Mocha)
Colossus Boots Black
FATEwear Pants - John - London
FATEwear Shirt - Chung Blazer - Void
FATEwear Shirt - Chung TuckedShirt - London
Belleza- Ashton Medium GG Bald (chest hair)
On Dolly

Fashionably Dead Bossy Boots - Wingtip White
Fashionably Dead Bossy Boots Socks - White
Fashionably Dead Skin Tight Jeans - Sky Blue
coldLogic shirt - berry.paloma
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Donna Flora SQUARE ring topaz
Glam Affair - Vera - America - Clean E


  1. Haha, very cute interview. Adore your chemistry and the picture idea! You guys are adorable, thanks for sharing. <3