Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Flat Ebbe and Me

I've been waiting for Strawberry Singh to do this meme ever since she plurked about stalking meeting Linden Lab's new CEO a week or so ago. I had such fun with Flat Rodvik and I figured Flat Ebbe Linden would be a fun date. However, Berry thinks we should just lecture poor Ebbe about how to be a good CEO. Sorry, Ebbe, our date will have to wait.

Meme instructions: Pick up a copy of Flat Ebbe Linden from Berry's marketplace store for free and take him to one of your favorite places on the grid. Also, share at least three things that you’d like to tell Ebbe. Please remember to leave a link to your post in Berry's comments and share your Flat Ebbe picture in the Blog memes flickr group.

So Ebbe, as we pose for a pretty picture standing in the courtyard of Cory Edo's beautiful creation newly released at Collabor88, the Cortona Villas, here are my thoughts:
  1. I really like what you have said about Second Life so far. You have inherited a passionate and creative user base who created everything interesting to see and do in SL, so we don't really see ourselves as customers of a product. We are creators and supporters of a surreal visionary world. We built it, we feel connected to it. I think you get that and I really appreciate that you do.
  2. You're in a honeymoon phase, but eventually you will tick off one group or another in SL. While this ire will probably be a by-product of some benefit you want to introduce, it will happen and you will be tempted to withdraw from your current accessibility so you don't have to listen to a lot of - well - let's call it counterproductive trash talk. As a communications professional in another life, I can tell you that once you have opened the conversation with your customers as you have done, closing that conversation when things get challenging is a mistake that leads to bad feelings and loss of trust for the entire community - not just the ones who were ticked off in the first place. Have a communications strategy to deal with these issues as they arise. Appoint other Lindens to speak on the issues and keep the messages consistent and honest.
  3. Advice for retaining new users - here's one little thing that seems to have been overlooked for years - the waddle-walk of a newbie. I'm not suggesting you need to fix the dorky stands (you're using one of them in the picture), but couldn't that waddle-walk be turned into something more graceful? A script in the shoe with a nice smooth female or male walk? Anything? The new starter avatars with mesh outfits and hair are a good beginning, but give a poor newbie a decent walk.

Argrace Hair HARUKA - Cinnamon (Unrigged / resize)
Mutresse Guzla Shorts (at FaMeshed)
Tee*fy Sophie Cut-Out Ruffle Top Bloom (at Collabor88)
Ingenue Pandora Flats (Slink Feet Add-On) Sepia (Gacha item)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - Flat
Glam Affair - Vera - America 02 F
IKON Spectral Eyes - Amber
Bicycle and pose from What Next
 Trompe Loeil - Cortona Villas (at Collabor88)
Potted plants from Apple Fall and XED Designs


  1. Sorry I spoiled your date with Ebbe :P But excellent point with #2!

    1. He's folded away in my inventory so maybe we'll have our date later. ;-P Glad you like that point. It isn't just Linden Lab that does things like that in challenging situations, but it's always a mistake.

  2. I really appreciate your comments for Ebbe. Smart and very important. Thank you for sharing - and what a sweet photo!