Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dear Dolly's Advice for SL Newbies - A Strawberry Singh Challenge

Hi Newbies! I don't know how you found my blog but you are so lucky that you did! I'm going to give you a little advice on a successful beginning to your Second Life. The fabulous Strawberry Singh has a blog too and challenged other bloggers to offer tips to you newbies out there.

I'm going to give you five new tips based on my exhaustive SL experience and knowledge. Then go back to Berry's blog post and read her tips and check out her comments section for other bloggers offering helpful tips as well.

  1. Second Life can be a fabulous platform for creativity. Everything you see as you look around you was made by someone who was once new and confused just like you. What should you do first? I did a blog post awhile ago about updating a starter female avatar on a budget of $10 USD or $2,500 Lindens (not freebies). The style tips are still relevant and there are SLurls to the shops, so check it out HERE
  2. You'll need to buy Lindens to shop, and if you're not ready to commit to that, just throw on an outfit out of your library and head out to explore. Where to go? Check out Ziki Questi's Blog for art installations and pretty sims that welcome visitors. Or try browsing through this Flickr group, The SL Tourist Board, where every photo has a SLurl to the sim where the the photo is taken.
  3. Meet people. There are clubs and cafes all over Second Life. Open Search and teleport around the grid until you find somewhere you like. Listen to music and dance, chat with other patrons. If you ask nicely you can get some answers to things that still confuse you.
  4. Learn SL etiquette. If you've heard about SL sexy times and you want to experience it, go to one of the many adult themed places where your advances might be welcomed. Don't proposition random strangers around the grid. Don't think you can hide behind an avatar to be rude. Word gets around about obnoxious avatars quickly. Don't beg for money or walk into someone's private home making a nuisance of yourself. Do speak in full sentences when you type. Do read avatars' profiles and take the time to fill yours out with relevant information about yourself. If you see an avatar whose style you admire, DO compliment them and ask for shopping tips and/or landmarks to their favorite stores. 
  5. Don't expect SL to be easy to use, because it takes awhile to figure out even some basics. Stick it out. Make friends, learn together. Share You Tube tutorials and blog tutorials, take in-world classes. Before long you'll be giggling at newbie questions and mistakes and waxing nostalgic for the days when everything in SL was new and thrilling just like we do!

COCO JacketOverShoulders (AppleGreen) (at FaMeshed event)
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