Monday, 25 March 2013

Home Is Always A Work in Progress

I try to blog regularly, but I got distracted after going to see the beautiful Neva River, which is only open to the public for a limited time.  It inspired me to redo my little bit of Second Life, and I borrowed liberally from Neva Crystall's vision.  See her blog HERE for more information.  The Studio Skye path leading to the steps of the house, and indeed the house from Culprit, I discovered by wandering her sim.  The tree tunnel from Studio Skye is a particular favorite. 

I added a pond in front of the house.  To the rear is a bay.  On the right side of the house is a stream that begins with a waterfall.  I find water features restful and in Second Life they're also prim savers if you have terraform rights.

I can't - nor would I want to - exactly recreate Neva's beautiful sim.  I'm adding elements from it and giving credit where it is due.

The trees are from Deco and Botanical, grasses from Rustica, rocks and waterfall from Studio Skye.  The pictures are raw shots with Annan Adored windlight settings and shadows turned on. 

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