Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Next Step in Mesh Heads - SLink

Siddean Munro, the smart and talented designer and owner of SLink, knows what I want before I know I want it. Mesh feet and hands? Skin appliers for mesh feet and hands? Check and check. Her latest concept is a mesh head that other skin makers can make appliers for! It's called Visage. I took some quick unedited snapshots of the SLink Becky head using the Adam N Eve skin Carolyn with the face and makeup appliers. I didn't have to adjust my shape at all, although later I plan to play with it to see what kind of adjustments I can make to my face.

I really like that we can use our own mesh eyes. My Ikon mesh eyes required no adjustment. I noticed that the demo expressions HUD for head kept closing my eyes as I changed expressions, but the HUD that comes with the purchased head works perfectly. Siddean, always on top of things, had found and fixed that bug on the demo by the time I posted this blog!

The SLink heads Emma and Becky are available at the newly redesigned SLink Mainstore. They come with matching skin, alphas and two HUDs, one for applying skin tone and makeup, the other for expressions. The AE skin and applier is available at the new SLink West sim, right next door. While you're there, pick up some new shoes for SLink feet and a mani-pedi applier or two!

The most fun was playing with the expressions. Hehehe.


Slink Visage Mesh Head - Becky
Adam N Eve Carolyn 2 Tone C Applier HUD for Slink Visage Head
Adam N Eve Skin Carolyn 2 Tone C Bare
Cracked Mirror Athena Dress (orange)
IKON Spectral Eyes - Amber

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