Sunday, 17 March 2013

I Went to Skin Fair and Now I'm Broke

 You can see why I'm broke.  At Skin Fair, which opened on March 15th, I went wild with demos from creators I've never worn before and ended up buying way too much.  These are my two favorite purchases of the day.  I used the same shape, pose and windlight setting to highlight the fascinating way these talented skin designers are able to create such different but equally lovely looks. 

The top skin is Lana in the fair shade from Glance Skins.  It comes with the full range of eyebrows.  I liked the hooded eyes that make my eyes seem deep set.  Lipstick and eye makeup tattoos were sold separately for this skin, and I snapped them up as well for the sake of versatility, though I'm not using them in this picture. 

 Izzie's Asia skin is a fresh faced beauty with a bloom on her cheeks.  The ginger edition of this skin comes with or without freckles.  I'm not usually a freckles girl, but I found these freckles totally captivating and couldn't resist.  Asia comes with lipstick and eyeshadow layers, although again I opted for the base layer only for the photo. 

The Skin Fair 2013 covers two sims with simple easy rez builds which I appreciated.  Although both sims were nearly full I had no lag and things rezzed pretty quickly.  Strip down to a bathing suit, check your avatar rendering cost, be mindful of scripts, and you're ready to shop.  Many designers have sent demos of their skins to the Skin Fair 2013 group.  It's a free group, so join if you have the space and pluck all the demos out of group notices.  For more information about Skin Fair, including maps and SLurls, check out their website HERE.
Other Credits:
Pure Poison - Rock Earrings- Gold- Nude 
LeLutka - LOOSE hair - AuburnHaze
Beetlebones Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty brown)
Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Deep Honey Hazel, w3) R

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