Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sometimes I Forget How Special Second Life Can Be

We rail against Second Life's shortcomings plenty.  We lag, we crash, we get weird gridlines in our pictures - but something draws us there and keeps us coming back.  For me it's my friends and the creativity that is all around me in-world.  Every item in this photo - the grass, buildings, rocks, trees, to the pose of my avatar, the windlight setting, not to mention skin, hair, and clothes - is someone's vision.  I put them together and snap a picture to share my vision, too.  Just doing a quick count, I think there are works of at least 17 different creators represented in this photo.  I've been in Second Life long enough that I sometimes forget just how unique it truly is.

Creator List:

Botanical - trees
Heart - trees and rocks
Rustica - rocks and grasses
UrbanizeD - grasses
Deco - trees
Post - red building
The Domineaux Effect - covered bridge
Studio Skye - rock waterfall
Cheeky Pea and Pilot - backyard lights
What Next - umbrella pose prop
Fashionably Dead - hair
coldLogic - sweater
Cracked Mirror - skirt (at FaMeshed)
Baiastice - boots
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace
SLink - hands
Glam Affair - skin
Windlight - Annan Adored

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