Monday, 8 April 2013

Dolly's 10 SL Firsts Meme

Oh that Strawberry Singh is a nosy parker with her Monday memes!  I love that phrase, nosy parker.  It's so old fashioned, something my grandmother would say.  What she'd say if she ever discovered Second Life, I can't imagine.  It's so easy to be a nosy parker just by following these memes.  On to the agonizing Q and A (agonizing to write mine, quite fun to read everyone elses)!

  1. First SL Friend: There were two, and I don't remember who was first.  Arana Boa who still pops in occasionally, and Malloc Rau who has left SL but not my heart.
  2. First SL Kiss: Oh god, who can remember?
  3. First SLex time/place/partner: I'm going to go with the first one who wasn't simply an experiment in poseball hopping, and that would be with Malloc.  I'd need his help in remembering where.  He was always sentimental about stuff like that and kept the landmarks.
  4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: The Malloc theme continues.  We really hit it off right away.  I knew he was a keeper when he went home to help out his mom (in RL) when she had surgery.  He kept in touch with me in SL through a dial up modem for a week.  We learned so many things about Second Life together.  I introduced him to prim hair, for example (which he never changed again, ever - men).  After a year of being together we partnered with a ring (which I always forgot to wear which probably annoyed him).  We stayed partnered until RL got too busy for him and he left SL.  He did pop onto SL during this past Christmas holiday to catch up a bit. I so wanted to take him shopping and update his avatar, but he always hated shopping.  We had a nice chat and I showed him mesh trees.
  5. First SL Job: ummmm... like for pay?  LOL  SL is a total money pit for me.  Even though I had a store for awhile it was more of a hobby than a money making venture.  I think I covered my monthly expenditures 10% of the time.
  6. First SL Creation: This one makes me laugh.  I bought a cute little log cabin about my second month in SL.  It had a front porch and needed a step from the ground to the porch.  I had no concept of building things, and neither did Malloc.  A simple rectangular prim would have done the trick, but I shopped for one.  I finally learned a little about building from Ayla's RL husband and then some more from Malloc (who was a natural once we learned how to set down a prim).  To be honest, though, I can't recall what my first build was.  I do recall one of the early builds was deco style pub chair of which I was quite proud at the time.
  7. First Encounter with a Linden:  I met Guy Linden when he was trying to tidy up those little pieces of abandoned mainland.  He sold me everything that abutted my property and showed me the new sims for premium members before they went live.  I still haven't claimed one.  I gave him one of my builds and the whole meeting was very nice.  I do wish Lindens interacted with us residents more. 
  8. First Encounter with a SLebrity:  I'm not sure I know any because I'm not clear on what makes someone a SLebrity.  Every subgroup in SL has its rockstars I think.  Maybe it was when I met Van Auster of Post.  We were on the same sim for my first Home & Garden Relay for Life Expo.  I was already a huge fan of his work, and he said something positive about my work that made me weak in the knees.  Then there's Sylva Petrov, who makes all those naughty animations for Sylva's Animation Factory.  We used to roleplay together occasionally, and she even named a naughty animation for me, inspired by roleplay (I'm not telling which one.  Figure it out).  I'd definitely count Strawberry Singh if we'd ever actually met face to face in SL, but we haven't.  I'd better invite her over to tea.
  9. First SL Sim you fell in love with: Aside from the little piece of mainland that I owned for a long time, Claiming Beauty sim was the first I fell in love with.  It was a well designed and attractive medieval immersive roleplay sim (for the time, anyway).  It has changed hands and name since then, but I still live in that digital spot.
  10. First SL Blog Post:  Here is my first solo post HERE.  It wasn't so long ago.  I think my photography has improved since then, but it did make it to Cajsa Lilliehook's What I Like column which was very kind of her and gratifying to me.   
This meme came up just as April Collabor88 started.  My early faves are clearly the Tee*fy sweater and the PXL Creations skin.


Tee*fy Rachel Ruffle Sweater Pink Floral  Long (at Collabor88)
[LeLutka]-VIBRATO hair - Praline
{mon tissu} Cuffed Denim Shorts ~ Classic Wash
PXL Creations skin - JADE NAT Berry Makeup {C88 Edition} (at Collabor88)
Poetic Colors eyes - classic gen4 - snow light - medium bright
Beetlebones Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty brown)
Slink Aussie Thongs Rigged Female White
Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat
Slink Mesh Hands (av) 


  1. Your first pic is wonderful! And I MUST have that sweater!

    1. Thank you! And I love your "square" pic!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't remember her first kiss! LOL And your photography is fantastic! <3

    1. You are DEFINITELY getting an invite to tea! :-)