Tuesday, 4 March 2014

New to Me - An Angel

It's time for Strawberry Singh's latest blog challenge. This week we're challenged to find something new to blog, something out of our comfort zone. A new creator, perhaps, or a new style. I approached the challenge thinking of high fashion photography - the really wild stuff you'd never wear out to dinner, if you know what I mean. I tend to blog clothing in Second Life that I would be happy to wear in my real life. I love fashion, but I've never been an edgy fashion sort of girl.

But, since that was my goal, I headed off to GizzA. I'd never been there, and all I have in my inventory from GizzA is a handbag. Shame on me! There are amazing things at GizzA, and I bought another to blog later in the week. But for today, I'm an angel - a pink, feathery winged angel. *sigh of happiness* I might have missed the mark on high fashion. I feel a little more Victoria's Secret than Coco Chanel, but I don't care. I'm pink and white with a corset and feathery wings!

Meme instructions: Blog something you’ve never blogged before and/or something you normally wouldn’t blog. This is more of a photography themed meme, with a focus on visuals of the item(s) you’ve never blogged before, however, if you prefer to make it a written meme and just write about something you normally wouldn’t write about, that’ll work as well. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your images in the blog memes flickr group.


GizzA - Cotton Candy Costume
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
TRUTH HAIR Gaia - Black and White HUD
Glam Affair - Vera - America 09 E

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