Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Artistry at Post

I went to Post today and bought the Cherbourg Hotel Suite No. 8. See the number? This first picture is just the hallway and already the details are perfection, inside and out. It is sold mod/copy, a 30 x 21 meter footprint, and 291 prims, mostly unfurnished.

I can't show you every loving detail, that would take 30 pictures. This next picture is a view from the bedroom into the living room. The fireplace screen opens to reveal a crackling fire. The radio on the mantle works. The chairs and table don't come with the skybox, but they're sold at Post. And the trunk on the floor? That's the skybox rezzer!

I feel as though I'm vacationing in 1930's Vienna in a turn of the (last) century hotel gone to seed. Van Auster, the artist responsible for this, is my favorite home and furniture builder in Second Life. He does his own thing. He's shabby without the "chic" that makes it cute. There's nothing cute about his builds. They're breathtakingly beautiful. I browse his work often, and decided to treat myself to a retreat, surrounding myself with his vision of faded glory.

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