Thursday, 29 December 2011

It's Artistic!

My friend April makes animations and poses - mostly naughty and sexy ones. She just passed me some new poses that she is working on called "Artistic Nudes" which she'll sell on the marketplace and in her store, Alterior Motions, as soon as she deems them ready for release. I found them inspiring and have taken several "artistic" pictures using these poses.

I was about to put on my pretty tiptoe feet from SLink, but noticed how April had posed feet so naturally, and I didn't want to mess that up. I'd seen that SLink had some new rigged mesh feet, so I popped over and picked up a demo. I could not believe how gorgeous these feet were, and how they adapted perfectly to the poses. See how lovely they are? Now that's artistic!

Also wearing the Lelutka Holiday Group Gift hair and the Glam Affair Linn skin, which matched to my new feet like a dream.


  1. Ohhhh yes! I too am totally in love with the SLink feet. Firstly because they look so cute, but secondly because they make posing feet so worth it. The added detail and expression from foot position is the cherry on the cake. Hopefully that new set will be out in the next week too. Thanks for making them look gorgeous, Dolly!