Monday, 12 December 2011

Embrace the Mesh

It's time people. Embrace the mesh or don't, but it is here to stay and I, for one, have loved it since my very first Jane dress fell into my inventory.

You don't want to engage me in a technical discussion about mesh rigging or polywhatsits or minimizing land impact. My eyes will glaze over and I'll agree with whatever you say just so you'll stop confusing me.

I understand the shape issue for rigged mesh clothing, but hell. If I have to move my sliders down a few notches to make my thighs fit in my hot new mesh miniskirt, I'm going to do it.
I'm as attached as anyone to my shape. I've hardly changed it at all since 2007. Here's the secret: I SAVE MY OLD SHAPE AND PUT IT BACK ON WHEN I CHANGE OUT OF THE MINISKIRT. I name the new shape so I'll know what clothing it's meant for and add it to the clothing folder so I don't have to search for it. If I have to adjust too much to fit into a mesh item, well then too bad, that item is just not for me, darn it.

Shape designers should be giddy with excitement over mesh now that more and more stores are adopting a standard sizing policy. Make new shapes that fit those standard sizes and market the heck out of them. This is a niche that needs filling.

Ok, on to the good stuff. Eboni Khan of Hucci has given a very generous Christmas gift to her subscribers. It is a girlie mesh skybox in shades of red, pink and beige and designed by the owner of Trompe Loeil, a prefab designer. I don't know Cory Edo, but her skybox has made me want to visit her store as soon as I finish this blog.

I know I should be in my ruffled pink Hucci mini dress for this post, but I just have to add my two cents to the praise for Maitreya's introduction to meshy goodness. This is a lovely dress, standard sizing and the medium fit me without any adjustment to my shape. HOORAY! In honor of this post I put on my mesh Lelutka hair and my SLink mesh glittery peep toe pumps. See how much better my ankles look? It's the mesh!

The one non-mesh item I am wearing are my new chandelier earrings that I picked up at Collabor88. They're an offering from the store Yummy. Hmm... after Trompe Loeil I think I'll stop in there. Better make a list...

Dolly Baroque


  1. OHH.. mesh ankles! I didn;t know that SLink was doing those. I wonder if she will redo our pretty feet and hands in mesh now? I do love going barefoot..

    You look meshifab, Dolly!

  2. Love all of it, you're pics are fabulous dalink!

  3. aww thanks girlfriends! And April...go to SLink. There's a special update terminal for the mesh feet updates!

  4. I apologize if you tried a link that set you down somewhere else! I think they're fixed now.