Thursday, 22 December 2011

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Real life dealt me and my family a cruel blow last week, so it's been hard to focus on anything but keeping strong and giving my support where it's really been needed.  I apologise for my lack of blog posts, but am really thankful that this is a two woman show, and that my dearest Dolly has been holding the fort with her wonderfully unique style.

The good news is my Mother's cancer is treatable and we can all look forward to Christmas, albeit she has to undergo several operations in the new year. It's not over yet, but the progonisis is hugely positive.

So today, finally able to relax a little, and with style guidance from Dolly, i found inspiration to blog.  I have been indulging in retail therapy to keep the blues away and picked up this gorgeous dress called Mahari *bordeaux* from Zaara. She had a Red Tag sale going on and i snapped up several outfits, all deliciously yummy and in my one of my favourite colours, too.

I feel all glamarous and festive wearing this and it neatly hides my twin bump.  You wouldn't even know i was pregnant in this picture, would you? 

The skin i am wearing is Snow White, a group gifty from Glam Affair.  The tone is very pale for me, but i think it's absolutely stunning and goes really well with the dress.  I tried on a few demos there yesterday and for once, I think i found a skin that i like.  Watch this space, perhaps i will change from Curio (which i have been wearing constantly for 2 years) and convert.  Don't hold your breath too hard though, i am very resistant to change when it comes to my beloved Curio.

So all that is left to say, is that i wish you all a Merry Little Christmas.  I hope that you and you loved ones, Real Life and Second Life, have a wonderful time together.  May you be blessed with love, health and happiness, and i hope that the man in the red suit is kind to you.  Most of all, appreciate the small things, love hard and be generous of spirit.  Happy Holidays, my friends.


  1. Wonderful post Ayla! Love you!

  2. Thanks Dolly, i love you too! xxx

  3. Wishing you and every one with you Happy holidays and all my best thoughts and wishes, Love