Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mesh and Leather

Maitreya mesh is fabulous! I went to see the new releases after Christmas with high expectations because the dress I picked up earlier this month was so good. I was thrilled with the new releases. They're in the new standard sizes - meaning once you tweak your shape to fit one outfit, it's likely to fit any number of stores' offerings so long as they are conforming to the standard sizes.

I can't decide which piece is my favorite, but here are two of the pieces I picked up. The sweater is sold in lots of colors, and I had a hard time deciding between them (I got two). It manages to look soft and sexy all at the same time. The leather pants just rock no matter which color you pick. I went for a neutral so that I can pair it with lots of things in my wardrobe.

I paired this combo with my Gos booties, a bracelet from Dark Mouse and my excellent new earrings from Glow Studio. Hair is from Elikatira.

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