Friday, 23 December 2011

Thank You Lelutka

Lelutka released two new hairstyles Wednesday. I don't have EVERY Lelutka hair - yet - but I have quite a few. Enough that as soon as I got the group notice, I snatched them right up and had to take a picture of each of them right away before I went to bed.

They're both elegant in a modern casual way. The roots are understated and natural looking. Of the two, I think I like the top knot best, but both will have a place in my wardrobe.
I'm wearing the Glam Affair Linn skin, the (sort of) infamous fox stole from Ohmai and available at Collabor88. The fox gives the teased up hair a suggestion of vintage to me. The fabulous jewelry is from Lilipily Spirit. I picked it up ages ago in a hunt. The barely seen mesh dress is from Celoe.


  1. Tut tut, you have a fox! hahaha

  2. Shhhh don't tell anyone, i have them too...

  3. yeah, I just couldn't leave it in my inventory! NO PIXEL FOXES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PICTURE.

  4. Actually he looks very comfortable there LOL.. And you do him justice all the way. Gorgeous as always, babes.